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Re: I want to adopt a cat
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Now that I have a cat, I don't think the above is true.  My cat wants to be close to me all the time.  Sometimes I wish she would go play by herself.  She always look up to me.  When I sit down, she will come sit close to me.  If my lap is open, she will walk into my lap and lay there like a happy baby.  My cat will even place her head next to your chest when sits on my lap.  Cats are not like dogs in that they won't let you do whatever you like with them.  If you try to wash a cat with a wet piece of cloth, the cat will runs away.  If you try to put a harness on cat, it is difficult.  A cat has a much deeper personality.  They are closer to monkeys.

Noooo dude. Youve become a crazy cat lady. I'm gonna have to reconsider our friendship.

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