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Re: Refixed all Chapters of my writings (New Chapters TOO!)
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The Brother
Mother’s diary
Boscht 12, 2945

My Diary

   My name is Anita Vorshael and today, I am getting married. My husband doesn’t know that I am an Immortal—glad that my covered hasn’t been blown…not yet. My friends are coming to town and I know that Clyde Calawis wants us to do something about this war. He had a sense that somebody planned this war rather than the Tyrenkians. He also assumes that it must be the Divergents are making a move at tenfold on every notch.
   News reported that Marbréçaire are appointing a meeting for all nations to come and have a talk about the Great War. Also, most nations around the world don’t want to start a war; however, what they want instead is peace. The United Republic of Federation and the Marbréçaire named this meeting, “The Treaty of Vasénaille,” where all nations come together to form a unity against a tyrant opposition. The allied nations were Marbréçaire, The United Republic of Federation, Noksinland, Eglas, Bustovia, and Neinchia. The opposition was Hermania, Iton, Gustalia, Eunjaka, and Javischik.
   As for me, I will be there as a spy since one of the Divergents will be there at the meeting. They are up to something and I don’t know what Clyde has picked up on. I will find that out for myself before reporting this back to Clyde.

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