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When the person is laying on thier side, you want to make sure the spine is straight.

And she said...  "Yeah but people arent going to have the same shape like a woman is going have more of a dip"....

I mean, I just looked at her like... I was just no comment...

Your view requires the spine to be parallel to the table...that's why I said the main thing is to keep the spine straight.  That would imply that I know peoples body are different, there's going to be different curves, hence the reason for keeping the spine straight. 

I couldn't understand how she could not grasp that concept. 

Basically, she can't understand how she is suppose to handle all these different body types becuase everyone has a different spine dip due to their body and that the view needs the spine to be straight.

I was explaining to her it does t matter becuase all you have to do is make the spine straight and you'll be fine.

Like I said...  " Im glad I'm me"

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