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Edc 2017 vegas
« on: May 01, 2017, 04:58:27 AM »
No im not going to edc this year as the price is jacked beyond belief.  However, im going to be in vegas during that weekend.  While everyone else that goes to edc by night, i will be left behind to enjoy vegas by night.  So that means all the edm folks will be at the main show while the hip hop crowds will be left behind. 

June 16 friday, im there at night.  150 round trip ticket for me.  U meet up with my first edc crew then by sat, ill meet up with my 2nd edc crew.  Yes i do have plenty of edm families out there but will not be going to edc main event at the speedway this year. 

Going hm sunday to call it a trip.  Yall going?  Meet up down there no prob.  I can't say im going to edc but i will be in vegas during that weekend.  Rooms are in the 200+ per weekend nights right now.  Big budget vegas like wow.  Clubs at them edm shows will be dry thus why im doing the hip hop crowd instead. 

Got plenty time to save up. 

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