Author Topic: Bring this good news back to your hmong community about Covid  (Read 605 times)

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Fauci says he's hopeful that within a year or 18 months, people will no longer 'have to worry about getting infected with this awful virus'

So I need every single one of us to stay healthy for the next year or so.  We just need to survive.  I know about herd immunity but that's like saying I'm giving up and I'll go ahead and catch it on purpose so that I will get the immunity for it.  You can't bank on your life like this.  You might not make it.  You might pass it on and kill other people.  You don't know the long term implication that it will have damage your internal organs.  So best to avoid it, get that vaccine and listen to your science. 

Pass the good news to your hmong community so that we all may have that positive light that we are so hoping for.  I'm so tired to see and hear about this covid nasty.  We need life to go back to normal again.  If we ever gonna get there, we will all have the training necessary to become a cleaner community and the air will smell a lot fresher.   O0

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Re: Bring this good news back to your hmong community about Covid
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2020, 07:54:11 PM »
I think he is too optimistic. Even if the vaccine is ready by then we won't know if it's effective. At best it may just be like the yearly flu vaccine. That's nothing to celebrate about if people can still die from it. What I want too see and expect from him is to stop kissing Trump's @ss do his job. Should not be fearful of stripping away from his position.

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