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Some Asian
« on: November 11, 2020, 04:20:51 AM »
Didn't know there were Vietnamese resided in OC (Orange County). I thought mainly Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hawaiian, and Laotian live there. Now I know Vietnamese were also part of the clans.  ;D

Anyway, I'm looking for an Asian gal to date especially Vietnamese or Japanese.
My eyes caught by this beauty wearing Asian-Afro combination of fashion.

My ham chơi qu!
For kids who grew up in Vietnamese homes, chances are good that youve upset your parents enough for them to yell, My ham chơi qu! at you. It means, Youre going out so much! Got bad grades? Getting sick? Its because you are going out so much!

Today, those kids are still about the ham chơi life, or the hunger to play. Now, you can now snag your own Ham Chơi t-shirt and tank top!

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