Author Topic: If there is no God, there's no morality  (Read 694 times)

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Re: If there is no God, there's no morality
« Reply #30 on: May 19, 2021, 12:21:33 PM »
Morality does not need a god to exist. 

Morality may not even exist.  Even a non believer can have morality.  He can't explain where he got his morality from but what he can do is copy what is good or sounding from a person who has morals, one that he gives thanks to his god almighty.   O0

I hear stories about Hmong barbarians who hated the Hmong emperor. As far I know before the Xiong clan has become a tyrant after killing these Hmong barbarians who popped an ideology of, "there's no gods. If there isn't any, then you might as well do what pleases you." The Hmong Barbarians killed, raped, pillage, genocide, bride kidnapping, and sabotaging the lands. They believe that morality is nothing but to control people and to brainwash. There is no such thing as right and wrong since we only live for the moment. I am not sure if this story is true, but this is what I read and picked up on in the Xiong's history in China. These Hmong raiders just keep killing and hating against the Xiong emperor because he is becoming more like the Han Chinese. The Xiong emperor kills these barbarian raiders who popped the ideology that murdering people isn't wrong or right. The emperor crushed them since they are like those horrible people in the book of the Arabian Nights. We got our own raiders.

If morality cease to exist, then these Hmong barbarians who hated the Xiong clan with discrimination, are right all along. This only means that nihilism is true; therefore, you can kill people, rape people, and do such horrors to no extent is what pleases anyone. If there is no God, why aren't there raiders like these one? If there is no morality, why aren't you raiding villages after another? If these Hmong barbarians who hated the Hmong Xiong clan are right about to their saying, even if it contradicts them, then the meaning and definition of the word of right and wrong has to be redefine. It's no better than a transgender who keeps redefining the English words for every 1 hour. Am I right? Oh wait...right doesn't exist since right needs to be redefine. I hope you understand.

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