Author Topic: Gotta put your money, where your mouth is  (Read 55 times)

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Gotta put your money, where your mouth is
« on: May 05, 2021, 07:41:35 AM »
They donít call it wallstreetbet for no reason

That being say im going go $500 on $EDR at opening

Oh shut the f*ck up.

You are the most toxic person on here.

Fact: You create clickbait threads about news and post on the GD forum like no one else on here freaking watches or reads the news.

Fact: You antagonize other users.

Fact: You have a lot of time to search the forum looking for quotes from other users so you can post it trying to create support for yourself.

Fact: You *think* you are better than your buddy hmongrock.

Fact: You humblebrag ALL the time. Look at me, I'm so cultured and open-minded because I'm not married to a Hmong chick. Look at me, I'm so cultured because I hang up things from MY culture and my wife's culture in my home. Look at me, I'm a college grad. Look at me, I know so and so.  Look at me, I'm such a great dad because I teach my daughter this. Blah blah blah blah blah.

Fact: You are a petty little man who holds grudges against people when they don't agree with you.

Fact: You will inevitably call someone a hypocrite when they don't agree with you. Despite your futile attempts to find proof of the supposed hypocrisy, you won't find any, but will continue to name call because like a cornered little dog, that's all you can do.

Now, here's some truth.

Truth: You are no better than hmongrock. In fact, you are worse. Everyone knows he is an ignorant fool who doesn't even know he is one. Most normal people stop engaging. You on the other hand, should know better and supposedly know better and yet you do not.

Truth: The only reason you are kept around is because admin seem to be under the mistaken idea that you are keeping this place alive. You are not. Less is more. Quality over quantity. You and hmongrock spam this place but you aren't even happy with that. No, you need more attention so the two of you will inevitably take over other threads where people are actually engaging with one other and fill it with your own personal beef.

Truth: PH only sucks because YOU suck. That's right. You make this place a worse place. Case in point, this thread. If this isn't what you accused other people (namely me of) with proxy war, what is? Clearly you want to talk sh*t about other people but don't have the balls to do it. You think you are so clever by doing it this way. You aren't. Everyone sees it. Everyone knows.

I genuinely feel such pity for you as a person. What kind of sad existence do you have that you need to behave this way?

And yes, I am leaving. I don't want to see spam every time I choose to come on here. I don't want to see you and hmongrock taking over everyone else's threads where people are actually trying to share. I don't need to see the toxicity that oozes from you. I mean. the ignore button can only do so much. I don't want to stay logged in forever just so I can ignore your trolling or spam. If I'm logged out, I still see your garbage. So live happily knowing that you have driven away people from PH. I'm sure you'll be very happy when I'm gone, but you're too stupid to realize I won't be the only person you drive or have driven away. Having said that, I will live happier knowing I don't need to see/read your stupidity.

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