Author Topic: San Cu dze mass shooting VTA 2021 and my opinion  (Read 62 times)

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San Cu dze mass shooting VTA 2021 and my opinion
« on: May 27, 2021, 01:11:46 PM »
May not be safe for your health for reading my thoughts on this so consider this a mental health warning.   :2funny:

The gunman picked which coworkers he killed in San Jose, a witness says. It's yet another mass shooting in America's gun violence scourge

If you were in the dark, continue to stay in the dark but this massive shooting case here in san jose of yesterday raises an opinion like how you see chai vang as a hero.  You know where I'm going with this. 

The suspect picked his bad co workers to bosses to slayed.  I'm sure millions of yall hard working people who have worked with bad bosses can relate.  While killing is bad in this case, in the back of some of your minds, you got that bad bosses you wish ill upon.  A good janitor friend of mine had his crew ganged up on him.  He reported to hr and they backed down on him.  They gave him worst assignments that he eventually forced to retired from his position.  The system won and he lost.  The guy at times were in a bad mental state of mind that he did asked me if I know anyone who has a gun.  It was that intense.

I'm not here to advocate the going postal idea.  Taking your frustration like that is a really bad idea for all sides however, you kind of feel for the frustration of the guy though.  Like with chai vang, the moment you defend on his side, you are seen as a monster.  Think deeper and you may find your enlightenment. 

Just be kind if you are not already kind.  You don't have to like your customers or to make them happy but prevent them from having grudges or complaints against you.  Keep yourself out of the radar and maybe, just maybe, the gun, when pointing your way will give you a free pass like this san jose mass killer guy did.  He wasn't a cold hearted killer.  He picked and chose his frustrations.  Don't be that guy is the message here.   O0

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