Author Topic: Have you ever been to a Bloomingdale’s department store?  (Read 70 times)

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Have you ever been to a Bloomingdale’s department store?
« on: June 19, 2021, 09:57:53 AM »
Even though I go to San Francisco all the time for decades now and I’m often in the downtown and surrounding areas I’ve never visited Westfield Mall til last week. Also, even though I’ve heard of the name Bloomingdale’s and I know that it’s some kind of department store I know almost next to nothing about it. I thought it’s just some place like Kohl’s, JC Penney, or Macy’s. While I was in Westfield I thought I give Bloomingdale’s a visit.

First of all, the Bloomingdale’s location in San Francisco is huge with 6 floors. While in there, I thought of getting some shirts and pants so I went into the men’s section. As I look through some of the dressed shirts I almost choked. Almost all of the dressed shirts are like $300 a piece. They also have a a lot of t-shirts on the racks as well. A plain white t-shirt that probably costs at most $5 with the letters APC on it costs $115. I almost picked my boogers out of my nose and made a design on the shirt.

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