Author Topic: Asian girl must be one tough DOB not needing a bed?? And earned 2 Gold medals  (Read 20 times)

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Chinese weightlifter who sleeps on floor in Tokyo because beds are ‘too soft’ sets 3 Olympic records

Li Wenwen won China’s seventh gold medal in weightlifting and crushed three Olympic records during her set on Aug.
Crushing Olympic records: Li, 21, competed in the +87 kilograms (192 pounds) weightlifting event and her win marked China’s seventh gold in weightlifting, which equals the record number set by the Soviet Union in 1976.

She took the gold with 140 kilograms (309 pounds) in the snatch, 180 kilograms (397 pounds) in the clean and jerk and totaled 320 kilograms (706 pounds).

Li is the current world record holder at 335 kilograms (739 pounds).

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