Author Topic: 68 KO out of 89 fights, that's pretty good for a "small" guy  (Read 37 times)

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68 KO out of 89 fights, that's pretty good for a "small" guy
« on: September 05, 2022, 11:13:55 PM »
I saw his fights when we first got to the U.S. At 6 feet tall and about 200 pounds, he was considered "small" in the heavyweight division. RIP:

Hard-hitting heavyweight contender Shavers dies at 78

Hard-hitting American heavyweight boxer Earnie Shavers, who fought Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes for world titles has died, the Ring magazine reported on Friday.

The Ring reported that Shavers died on Thursday, the day after his 78th birthday.

Shavers was born on August 31, 1944 in Garland Alabama. He was famed for the power of his punch. He won 74 of his 89 fights and 68 of the victories were by a knockout.

...Holmes later told Boxing News that Shavers punched harder than Mike Tyson.

"He could knock the hell out of it," Holmes said.

In between those two title bouts, Shavers faced former champion Ken Norton and knocked him out.

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