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The best part of the movie was the first 10 minutes.  After the MK title the movie went to sh1t.

When Asians especially Hmong in this case, when we don't riot, march and protest in large numbers blocking traffic, etc.  Justice is outta reach because the community is not ONE.  Sad but true.  Learn from the Blacks.  When Chai said, "they deserve it" in court, I can feel the anger, emotion, pain, etc. that he is feeling because those White folk put him in the situation where he had to do what he did.  Chai already left the scene and was chase down by these guys, what did you expect him to do?  Exactly!

When someone is wise enough they will understand that money is only ONE part of many factors that complete happiness AND you only want what you don't have AND material things are ONLY temporary.

General Discussion / Re: Interracial marriages
« on: February 25, 2021, 08:38:52 AM »
Tough call.  Hmong men today are still living in their parents basement so can't really blame the Hmong girls who want to marry to someone who is responsible, even out of race. On the other hand, Hmong girls nowadays don't really respect their body like 30+ years ago.  Chances are Hmong men will end up marrying someone who been around the world and taste the rainbow.  If that don't bother you, wait until you both argue and certain names get mention, it's the icing on the cake lol.  Conclusion, there's good and bad, pros and cons in either way you look at it so just do what works in your situation really.   

Mass murders and genocide like Hotel Rwanda, WW2 with the Jews and many other places pretty much explain, there ain't no God.  You were born and you fend for yourself base on your location and opportunities there.  Daily praying ain't gonna change nothing, you have to get up and put the hard work in.  The bible been revised by man so much a lot of it is not even true anymore.  Also, a lot have open ended ending, meaning it needs a lot of explaining to do.  So, yeah I don't blame why many people have ditch Christianity.  I mean if certain keep failing on you at some point you gonna stop buying that brand, thing, etc.     

Here's my two cent about College. 

First, choose a degree/major that is demanding with abundance of jobs that pays well.  Second, be committed/devoted and don't give up. You will eventually graduate.  If a immigrant from Africa who barely speak English who work a full time job plus going to school can do it, you can to. I know a few of these committed, do or die Somalian coworker. 

Benefit of College:  It get in you in the door for good jobs that required a 4 year degree.  It gives you more opportunities by meeting the minimum qualification like a college degree.  More opportunities means more chance of landing a good job and a better paying job. 

Having a degree is like having a ticket that will get you pass the gate to better opportunities.  If you don't have it, chances are you will never get pass the gate.  Do remember that a degree don't mean you will be financially successful.  I seen it with my own children that's why I encourage them to get at least a BS/BA or higher.

General Discussion / The Buc won and I won too
« on: February 08, 2021, 08:01:55 AM »
Don't really care or have a favorite team and I didn't even watch last night superbowl but I've won the bet.  I bought DKNG and will be cashing in today.

General Discussion / Re: I got my Covid 19 Shot
« on: January 30, 2021, 01:05:37 PM »
I'm gonna wait until most of the bugs/hiccups get fixed first.  Until then, I'm on lock down since I don't have to go to work and still doing drive up for food and things.  Good luck guys.   

I said this before and I'll say it again. 

If your spouse is an extreme alcoholic, drug addict, gambler, cheater and serial killer.  You need to remove yourself from these people, you need to leave, you need to get a divorce asap.  Don't ever use children as an excuse to stay.  As sad as this is for her and many other women I know of who are in the same situation.  Not leaving will result to this eventually or even death.  I'll say it again, I'm am not surprise she already knew about his drinking habits during the dating stage.   Hope she find the courage to leaves for good.

MOST Hmong men love to pull authority and status on their wife when it comes to child care responsibiliti es.  Thus result in extreme child care labor physically and mentally for MOST Hmong women and sometimes result in mental problems.  I know this because one year I was not working due to job lay off and had to watch our kids and it was one of the toughest job I had ever done.  Since then, I always share the child care responsibility with my wife equally.  I don't know about this case but what I see in our Hmong community is that MOST Hmong men don't really help their spouse equally in the child care department.  Don't get me wrong, there are good husband who share the childcare load too, but just a few good ones out there.  Then again, a lot of these habits are known during the dating stage and people tend to have excuses for them even when they knew all along about the bad habits. Like you knew your gf don't like kids that much OR your bf is an alcoholic, etc.

I came from a family of 7 siblings and I myself have more than 3+.  My siblings and I all grew up okay and all my kids finished college, now doing there own things.  There are good parents and bad parents, therefore this has nothing to do with TOO MANY KIDS.  This is just simply bad parents whether it's one kid or many kids.  It's sad to hear this kind of things in our community but it does exist.  Like I said many times before, parenting is very hard and any parents who's able to raise good children deserves a PHD in parenthood/child development/child psychology/etc.  There's a lot of parents who fail miserably in this department and some only have one child lol.

don't put all your eggs in one nest
these investment firm can go under
may or may not cause you to lose everything

fidelity is just a play account
i use to post pic here in PH

my REAL one is at schwab and yes.,... ROBHINHOOD
plus 401k from work

my schwab news letter

My investments is with Fidelity. I'm sure Schwab and Robinhood is great also, but I went with Fidelity because......

Fidelity founded 1946 compare to
Schwab 1971 and Robinhood 2013.

Fidelity and Schwab are worth trillions where Robinhood is in the billions.

Like I said, I'm sure all of them are great. I decided to go with Fidelity because I like their stock platform more.  It's all preference IMO. 

General Discussion / Re: what a shyt year 2020 is.....
« on: January 06, 2021, 03:47:08 PM »
I don't blame Tou Thao, he's just in the wrong place, wrong time, with wrong co-workers.  In these situations, when there are too many co-worker defusing the suspect already, your job is to secure the premises and make sure there is no other danger around.  His co-worker F up and because he's at the scene he's getting toast for it.  Not to mention Tou is under rank.  All my years of working, I have never seen anybody under rank telling an senior worker what to do and take charge.  Same situation happen in one of my jobs back in the days.  A new Hmong worker got fired because he was working with some bad senior co-worker.  They F up, he didn't but he got fired with the bunch because he was at the wrong time with the wrong co-worker.  Sad. 

General Discussion / Re: Unlike Some PH Christians...
« on: December 27, 2020, 07:16:16 AM »
Why do hardcore church goer's have affairs, why do priest molest children, why do members get scold for money if they don't pay their portion for church, why this and that.......... .....

Truth is, if there's a God (the answer is still unknown until you die, ONLY THEN YOU WILL KNOW).  If there is a God, you were created and then you have to fend for yourself on earth. God have no power over what you do, your situation, your destiny, your life, etc.  I see good people die just like that and some bad ones live a long life.  Nothing is written folks.  You are fully in charge of your life.  You see, religion is like the Ultimate excuse.  Throw religion to anyone and they run the other way.  This is what I see and experience in my life, is that MOST people uses religion as the ultimate excuse to get things their way.  Don't get me wrong there are those that truly use religion in good ways but those are the few.  That's why they said, everybody is a sinner one way or another.  I get it too, that people need or have to believe in something to keep them going.  If they don't believe in something, then the world would be in chaos because there is no fear, no threshold, no limit.  I live my life doing what is righteous and in the end if I don't see heaven, well, then the hardcore church goer's who uses God name to deceive people definitely don't have a chance.  That's what I believe.  Good luck.   

General Discussion / Re: Side Hustles
« on: December 24, 2020, 03:51:43 PM »
Tell us your secret
Give some guidance
Educated us young buck on your mistake
So we donít make it

<<<< early 30s

Still got 30 mores year to go

Well TBH, if you are single and your finances are good, chances are MOST will be lonely at some point and want family because that is the one thing your money canít buy.  Trust me, I know a few single loaded people and the story unfolds during a few drinks lol.  On the flip side, if you have a wife and kids, thereís even bigger obstacles.  You gotta have a wife that is supportive and understanding.  Someone who is a true wife who is willing to build a life with you and occasionally deal with your BS vice versa, you do the same for her.  A strong, understanding couple or marriage is hard to find.  Children are at another level.  Every family has bad apples or a few.  Any parents and I mean any parents, who can raise ALL their children to be good, with normal success or better, with a college degree, never seen a jail cell, you knowÖ.doing okay for the most part.  These parents are expert at raising children and should receive a PHD in parenthood.  Trust me, I know a lot of parents who fail at this in one dept or another or in several dept.  Itís hard to say really because everybody walks a different path.  Even with the same mindset and goals, what you encounter in life will totally blow you in another direction.   

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