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...Thought that I share some of mine.

The very top fish was caught by my friend. The two fish below of it was caught by me... I was using a bomber lure. My friend was using the broken back rebel lure. We were fishing off from the bank at night. I also caught one with a DFG tag on its back. That was also on my birthday fishing trip... Can't wait to go back again... Oh.. and its in CA, in the sacramento river... 

32" about 14# [first fish]

29 half" about 11# [second fish]

26" about 8# [third fish]

Automotive Discussion / Re: What Car Do You Own? (Make Into Sticky?)
« on: April 22, 2008, 12:09:29 AM »
Location; Norcal.

Make, model, year; 1992 Toyota 4RUNNER 4x4 V6, 5 Speed.
 Engine; 3VZE V6 estimated power is about 155...
Mods; extra lighting on the front, emission hack, custom cheap intake, Nology Coil, and a 5 speed transmission swap.

Interior; Pioneer deck, use to have a pioneer amp and a double bass box w/ Sony Xplod 12", but traded in for a paint gun... :D

0 - 60 - an estimated of 10 seconds.
1/4 mile run is an estimated of 20 seconds.

Future plan; Striaght axle [ plan on diong this myself ], elocker, 2 inches of body lift.

Award; it has awarded me so many thing in life.


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