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Title: do you feel a negative energy during Hmong Shaman ceremonies
Post by: DaCurse on January 19, 2021, 11:18:36 PM
dude, don't want to shoot down anyone who is still very traditional or family is...but i remember not attending one after so many years, and when i did again...bro, dude, man i don't know what it was but i was quivering non stop and my mind was just humming like make matters worst, they made me sit right next to the I don't know, but where they have me sit was supposedly for someone yeah lols...i think when they realize they got the wrong person to sit there, they didn't really want to be rude and tell me to move, so i of course pretended i had to use the restroom, and when i did, i told one of the elders, my stomach hurts like hell, if i don't come backin 5 minutes for them to find someone to take my place....lols

yeah, when you have friends still traditional, invite you over, and try to get you to remember your roots, you embarassed yourself, not me yo...lols....