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Even though I go to San Francisco all the time for decades now and I’m often in the downtown and surrounding areas I’ve never visited Westfield Mall til last week. Also, even though I’ve heard of the name Bloomingdale’s and I know that it’s some kind of department store I know almost next to nothing about it. I thought it’s just some place like Kohl’s, JC Penney, or Macy’s. While I was in Westfield I thought I give Bloomingdale’s a visit.

First of all, the Bloomingdale’s location in San Francisco is huge with 6 floors. While in there, I thought of getting some shirts and pants so I went into the men’s section. As I look through some of the dressed shirts I almost choked. Almost all of the dressed shirts are like $300 a piece. They also have a a lot of t-shirts on the racks as well. A plain white t-shirt that probably costs at most $5 with the letters APC on it costs $115. I almost picked my boogers out of my nose and made a design on the shirt.
these two chicks aren't really the type of chicks that will turn heads and wake up johnson...lols but i say, i take these type of women who actually has game...over the good looking non-exciting type...lols j/'s all subjective..i know.
lols...the playful annoying type that is...bump into two annoying chicks in the past couple of is super annoying and o weeks later i meet another one...from the outside you'll think she's a fuking "uber" girl...but she's actually super nice and cool...however she tends to have a cruel humor..the type that likes to say something or do something to make you feel uncomfortable on purpose...lols she made me carry her water bottle for her while tying up her hair...then she went off how piss she is that morning..well, everyone asked her that day if we were going out...and she told them all "yes"....and i'm like wtf...but i'm actually turned on....b/c it reminds me a lot of myself...lols the good kind of things in common....lols
The Single & Dating Scenes / Re: she's only 19
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i say it to them but i don't expect em to follow through...when it comes to itchy and scratchy it's their body and i'm just a dude who tried to leave a lasting t because its my intention all along, but just to save me from a life long guilt..guilt is my only weakness..lols ...but i do like to think some girls i came across with is a ton lot smarter after meeting me..lols but it's probably a lost cause...there are so many "Uber" girls out there now days...that's when a girl is beyond human restoration..s o if i meet those kind of girls, it's spit in their face and run as far away as fast as s
The Single & Dating Scenes / Re: she's only 19
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You know how many you have told to save it. Count your daughters.

oh trust me, 9 other men would take advantage of the opportunity but i don't know how many chicks i've told in the past to save it for someone who really loves them...hahaa
Glad Fedex isn't observing this holiday right away. My mail that I just dropped off yesterday has already arrived in Texas at 10:10 a.m. today.

Next year, FedEx should observe it though. This development got signed too soon to be honored this week.
he should have made it a week long!

I know right?  Ride the wave with them kaydoos. 

They should of milked it.  How can anyone vote no to this or these?  They'll protest and burn down the country again.  Anxiety on high.   :2funny:
Fact that is interesting..    My gosh, I know we study history for a reason and that is to learn from it and not to make the same mistake again.  I'm sure this juneteenth will be observed nationally by next year.  Non of this 15 years later so everyone can be on the same page. 

"President Ronald Reagan signed the holiday into law in 1983, and it was first observed three years later. At first, some states resisted observing the holiday as such, giving it alternative names or combining it with other holidays. It was officially observed in all 50 states for the first time in 2000."
he should have made it a week long!
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