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General Discussion / Re: Hmong people and over fishing
« on: February 05, 2020, 11:54:26 AM »
Although I don't hunt or fish, I tend to have a heart to love animals because I like to feed the rabbits, squirrels and birds in my backyard.  If I want to eat fish, I just go buy it at the store.  In America people hunt and fish mostly for the sport of it and not because they are starving.  People know that the money they spend on license, gas, rods, bait, guns, ammo, etc. would get them two fully loaded shopping carts of food, so anyone who use the starving reasoning is full of it IMO. 

Lilly, I fully understand what you are saying.  I know a great amount of Hmong people who hunt and fish.  Most of them ALWAYS take more than what's allowed here and there.  Very RARE to know a Hmong person who hunt and fish who follow the law to the tee. So I get it. 

General Discussion / Re: What gifts do men want on Valentines?
« on: February 05, 2020, 11:33:24 AM »
I got pretty much everything I need so for the last couple of years I just want time with my wife.  Dinner, cuddle up watching a movie, hang out together, sex, just doing things together, etc.  I've learned that material things never fully complete love.  Time together is what really count.  Spend some time together, have fun and good luck.  :)

The family of these deceased are not to smart or not heart broken enough or mad af for revenge, etc.  To catch a killer you must........


They must come together and to an agreement and come up with AT LEAST 100K or more to catch these killers.  When the pool of money is big enough people will snitch, talk, rat, tell, etc.  Somebody knows something but the reward is not big enough to take the risk and tell, so hush hush for now.  Someone out there knows something and they need the money also.   

Like I keep preaching, we are going to have another wave of uneducated young Hmong MEN running around clueless, low life house party drinking fest, free loading, doing petty BS things again........  Why I know this?  I have a son who work in the court system.  I get the low down. Young Hmong men are appearing more and more again like the 90s for stupid petty things.  Not so much the Hmong women tho.

The director was smart not to say it in a way that he will get into a bigotry and hate issue.  Brenda is still White washed, I mean that is as White washed as it can get, but the idiots will always find reasons.  I have worked with some Hmong White washed before, it don't take a genius to figure who is and who isn't.  My wife supervise a lot of Hmong people at her job and like I said before she know who is White washed and who isn't either.  She notice just like I do too, that White washed Hmong or Asians tend to always have excuses and reasons, thus they are in DENIAL that they are White washed themselves but everybody at work or around knows.  It's like, "look, I love rice I'm still very Hmong"  Anyways, I thought Tou Ger married a Black chick?  WHAT?

I'm sure Tou Ger Xiong is still as Hmong as he was before he married his White wife...

She never appear anywhere for Hmong people, she never did anything with Hmong people, she dating White dudes, she want nothing to do with Hmong people, etc. 

Conclusion:  Yes, she is not Asian enough.  White washed IMO.  I agree with the director.  Truth be told how it is. 

The kicker is:  Don't know why Hmong people still follower her when she don't give a 2 cent sh1t about Hmong.  Can't fix the stupid ones I guess.

General Discussion / Re: Vegas
« on: November 30, 2019, 07:09:52 AM »
Yes lots of Asian.  My wife and I went there for the first time a couple years ago and we thought we were going to be the minority.  NOPE, there are more Asians than Blacks and Mexi.  White was the most populated and then it was Asians.  Just walking the strip you see Asians everywhere.   


My point is that there are too many bad news coming out from our Moob communities around the U.S..  And why is that?  Because we are slowly losing our respect for each other.  We are adopting and taking on the social behaviors around us.  The older generations had our culture, traditions to guide them in life for a long time.  Disagreements were worked out with the clan leaders, relatives, etc.  People worked things out through dialogue.  It wasn't perfect but our tradition and culture brought our Moob people together.  But now I often see our Moob people moving away from our own culture and traditional ways of life.  And we are slowly adopting the culture-less, tradition-less "me, myself and I" attitude of the American society.  The younger generations are throwing traditions, customs, culture away piece by piece.  Take the fights happening at the soccer tournaments.  Take the Moob youths joining gangs.  Take the Moob becoming drug addicts.  Take the homeless Moob people living under bridges.  Take the divorce rates happening within our Moob communities.  These are all examples of a non-traditional non-cultural values we are adopting now.  These types of behavior were unheard of during our parent's generations.  Because we don't care to exercise our tradition, value our culture we learn to take on the behavior and attitudes of this selfish society.  We become what our neighbors are like.  Vangs marrying Vangs.  Yangs marrying Yangs.  Extra marital affairs.  Moob people doing porn movies.  You name it our Moob people has done it, with no shame.  Those are just some examples of throwing traditions out the window.  That sets the trend for other clans to do the same thing. 

Back to the killings.  I'm guessing it's payback due to either someone getting it on with someone else's significant other or the usual drug/money problem.  Nothing makes another man go to these extremes as those afore mentions.

I agree totally.  Yes nothing is perfect back in Laos/Thailand, then again nothing is perfect anywhere.  However, its DOUBLE WORST here in America due to, like I keep preaching, "you just another Asian person to me".  My wife who is a supervisor who over looked many Hmong people at her jobs tells me she try to do what is best for Hmong and always look out for her Hmong people MOST of the time.  However she see that most younger Hmong peeps at her jobs don't care much about the "Hmong help Hmong" patriotic mindset, thus resulting in "you are just another Asian person to me".  With a mindset like this with Hmong Millennial's and their children and so forth will make everything you mention above from respect, Yang marrying Yang, divorce rate, etc. tripled in the next 20 years. 

Like you said above, "Because we don't care to exercise our tradition, value our culture we learn to take on the behavior and attitudes of this selfish society.  We become what our neighbors are like".  We lost our TRUE roots, we don't respect our values when others see that it's what define us, we want to be someone else like White, Korean, etc.  The enemy only fear when you are strong as a community, when you are just another Asian and we have no community, the enemy just laugh and this is what exactly happening to us Hmong people in the near future. So sad but I won't live to see all the

About GVP.  To be a leader you have to except love and hate equally.  Some of you can't even make your marriage work, you can't even out argue your own kids, you can't even work things out with family, clan members and community.  Most of you will just piss in you pants when having to make life changing decisions that will sacrifice many of your own people for the better good.  Don't get me wrong, I'm sure GVP have its bad too, but look what happening to our Hmong communities since he was gone, EXACTLY!  No more comment. Go watch the movie HERO with Jet Li, there's a strong message in that movie.  Oh wait some of you won't be able to decode the message either......GO D HELP US, lol.

General Discussion / Re: another Hmong song....
« on: November 08, 2019, 05:38:16 PM »
Yeap I was correct.  Allknighters are the children of KLS. 

<iframe src="" width="500" height="493" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTranspare ncy="true" allow="encrypted-media"></iframe>

General Discussion / another Hmong song....
« on: November 07, 2019, 08:17:01 AM »
Got a share this morning.  This is why KLS is legend. They don't just slap something on and put it out there just to put out there. 

When you hear the music you know it's not amateur.  LOVE the singing in Hmong, true to the roots of Hmong people.  From the grapevines, I believe Allknighters are children of KLS.  Like always the music is beyond any Hmong to-date IMO.   

A LOT (not all okay) of these red flags present itself during the early dating stage already.  It's not like it was not known that your man call you names and beat/slap you.  The fault lies in the individual making bad choice to continue the relationship during the dating stage into marriage stage even after numerous incidents early on. 

Make bad choices, live with consequences and repercussions later.  It is what it is.   

Marriage & Family Life / Re: What's up with these spouse killings?
« on: November 05, 2019, 11:18:00 AM »
There's two side to the story. Until the story unfold, I ain't taking side.

Secondly, most our parents/grandparents are were probably married arranged, bridenap, forced, met for a week and then got married, etc and most of them still live to 120 years old together.  MOST couples today who CONFIDENTLY CLAIMED that the Western practice, co habitation, living together for years before marriage, dating for years before marriage is best......late r see themselves running to divorce court faster than anything else.  Funny thing is, running lightening fast to divorce court is also a Western practice, go figure.  The court should be saying, "you two idiots need to make this work for the kids sake, for your sake, etc", but NOPE!  Instead, it's sign right here and go pay the FEE because that money will go toward fixing the pot holes in the streets, lol.

It really just boils down to the two individual having a FULL UNDERSTANDING (many factor to list here) of what a true marriage really is with equal participation/work/labor from both person. 

Marriage & Family Life / Re: David Yang
« on: October 24, 2019, 11:40:15 PM »
I can see a lot of some of you would have no problem or even think twice for banging your HOT brother wife, your sister, step mom, friends mom, whatever the case, etc when opportunity surface.  When your D call, you roll and the excuses would just flow out the mouth like no tomorrow.  The way some of you think is troubling and disturbing.  Like I said, just by listening to people, you can pretty much question, "what else goes on at the home". Also, makes me wonder how some of you were raised.  I know every Hmong kids were told not to date same last name Hmong by their parents/uncles/grandparents at some point.  I do understand that we all can do anything, it's called free will, HOWEVER there's is consequences and repercussions. I get it that there's always a reason to bang your sister, stepmom, rape your own child or hit your mom.......but YOU JUST DON'T DO IT.  Just like there's a million reasons why you can date same last name Hmong girl.......YOU JUST DON'T DO IT.  It's in your essence to know this by nature and it was taught to you by your parents.  If you were raised right, you know where the line is drawn in all the shady things you encounter in life, from stealing, boozing, killing, raping, etc.  The ultimate worst is it didn't even cross his mind to have respect for her, her parents, himself and his parents.  Dude just another horny guy who took advantage of an opportunity that he will never admit to and then flourish the community with excuses to make him look half decent.  Truth is, you minus the vagina and he be running the other way quicker Usain Bolt.  Sad thing is cov neeg wise/smart can see right thru a con artist and the scheme.  Another sad thing is, everyone wake up eventually after puberty.  When the repercussion affects his children in the future, he will wake up to deal with it again. The sh1t we deal with is the result of the choices we make, the repercussion, the consequences.

There is free will and a million reasons, but it's in your ESSENCE to know that there are somethings you just don't do PERIOD.

Marriage & Family Life / Re: David Yang
« on: October 24, 2019, 02:19:02 AM »

You claim he has common sense.  Where is the common sense to do his research thoroughly, family tree, genetics (like you said), talk around communities about her family roots, etc?  A respectful wise man would cover all his bases right?  A man who truly love his girl would do things thoroughly (family tree, genetic, etc) to protect her and the relationship and stop the bashing.  Exactly itís too much work and not important. Seems like you over estimated his common sense qualification. Like I said, these people who claim to have fallen in love with the same last name Hmong girl donít give two cents crap about doing any research completely because it will defeat the purpose of tapping dat azz to begin with especially if the results donít come back in your liking.  On top of that, a person who does this kind of thing without any dignity and/or stop to think about the repercussions has a disturbing mindset donít matter how you look at it because that would make a stepmom, stepsister, step-whatever at high risk. Which lead to my conclusion again and again, ďI wonder what else goes on behind closed doorsĒ those that think like this.

He better make sure this relationship work out because it would be hard to find a decent good level headed Hmong girl who probably would say, ďarenít you that singer who dated your own same last nameĒ, follow with, ďsorry my parents and clan canít accept thatĒ.  Again, a dumb azz NO COMMON SENSE move to date same last name.  The repercussion KILLED IT.  Don't worry too much tho, although guys who does this might blow their future chances with most level headed Hmong girls, there's still ton of idiots/hoes flooded everywhere.  Since doing a thorough research is not important because the D craving is priority, all hope is not lost yet.  I'm sure they can still end up with winners who had 10+ bf but never married once.  Shhh.......we called these hoes in my time lol.   

Anyways, donít be the person who travels to another state/country met a hot same last name Hmong girl and bang the lights out of that person thinking itís okay for ďtwo non related strangersĒ to make out especially in another far away place.  Later to find out she was your dadís brother daughter from another state that you didnít know about.  Like many cases of Hmong dating same last name Hmong, it really has nothing to do with anything but simply the LACK of COMMON SENSE for not doing a thorough research first and being horny af when the opportunity present itself.

Hereís the truth, when someone tells me they are dating the same last name Hmong girl, it automatically tells me that person was in it for the wrong reasons.  Everything else is just another excuse to keep banging her because at the moment the banging is so good.  NONE and I mean NONE of these people give a crap to do any research because nobody wants a REASON to stop tapping that azz.  I see right thru the BS excuses. I use to know someone, who later confessed, it's the banging that got him hooked so the excuses start flying out his mouth.  Years later after the drama and confession he even agree that people who do this is doing it for the wrong reason.  Funny thing was, I wasn't surprise because people who does shady/on the grey area/bad things will always be in denial at the moment and will find excuses to keep hacking away.

Marriage & Family Life / Re: David Yang
« on: October 23, 2019, 01:48:30 AM »
Here is my two cent

David is too immature to fully understand what he is doing OR he is straight out a dumb azz.  Here is why?

1. We were all young once and when we grow older, wiser and understand life as a whole better, we realized some of the choices we make in life were beyond retard.  This is one of them.

2. David have no clue if he is related by blood to this same last name girl or not. He has no access to ALL the Yang family tree and therefore making his judgement based on what is practice freely in America/Western culture.  Failing to clearly see that Western ways donít always apply to Hmong ways.  Heís in love and thatís how he going to roll, sister or not (scary based on how a person thinks naively).  TBH, none of these Hmong peeps who's dating same last name even do any research.  When what's between your legs starts to itch, you just roll and spit out the excuses so your needs can be met.  That's the honest truth. 

3. Being a well known Hmong person and making bad choices will hurt your reputation in the community.  When you do things like this you put yourself in a grey area and you know people will talk bad about you, its given based on the choices you make.  Not a wise person IMO, still too stupid if you ask me.  Just like when Tee Vang (the singer) posted on social media of him poaching fishes and then he deleted all the pictures after someone flagged him for being so dumb. 

4. So one day if David and her decide to call it quits, it will only prove that he wasn't so clear of what he was doing chasing a love he was not even certain about.  If I was a Hmong girl (the level headed ones of course), they should be worrying about him trying to date them after this relationship falls apart knowing it's been blasted all over social media like this.  His choices would make most mature level headed Hmong women feel disturbing about him.
5. If heís gone so far as dating the same last name and showing it off on social media without doing his research completely makes me wonder?  What kind of a person he really is?  What does he think of other girls of the same last name when he is around them? If this doesn't bother him, what else happens behind closed doors at home? The respect level of brother, sister, mother, father, uncle, etc. has no meaning and values to him.  As a Hmong person in general, do you trust him around your sister, gf, mom, aunt, etc. because obviously there is no barriers and respect based on his mindset. 

Okay, the list goes on but I think I pretty much got this thread locked and deleted lol. When the truth is told, it is too much and be viewed as hate, I get it.  Thatís why they call it THE UGLY TRUTH.           

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