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Storing my BBQ grill after use is also easy because it folds into the size of a suitcase. The compact storage and mobility (can be carry around like a suitcase) is what sold me  O0:

I've also owned two-tone colored vehicles like my Transformer bike below so I know which color is higher maintenance next to each other side by side  ;D:

General Discussion / $1.75 per bite
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I've also owned black vehicles that purposely doesn't shine and gloss like my old matte black Hornet/919...Two Boomtown near Reno photos:

Like my white and silver vehicles, the matte black color doesn't show the dust as bad as the glossy black colored vehicles..

General Discussion / Re: This profile fits my wife well :)
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General Discussion / Re: This profile fits my wife well :)
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General Discussion / Re: This profile fits my wife well :)
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Anonymous Stories & Advices / Re: Cheaters will always be look as a door mat
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I don't believe in the idea/phrase "a cheater will always be a cheater."  No such thing.  You can apply this same thing to liar.  Do you really believe a liar will always be a liar?  A killer will always be a killer?  A thief will always be a thief?  A poor man will always be a poor man? A bachelor will always be a bacherlor, etc..  You got the idea.
yes. A cheater will always be a cheater. If you don't learn as to why you cheated in the first place. You will never understand it. Who's to stop you from doing it again? If you get caught again and again. You'll only be smarter the next time so that you dont get caught.

And yes a killer or rapists will always be a killer/rapists.
General Discussion / Stopped by this KKK headquarter to check it out
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..Glad it's not active anymore but good history lesson to learn so hope it doesn't repeat itself:

Online Journal / Re: Calm, Cool, Collective
« Last post by DaCurse on August 02, 2021, 11:55:24 PM »
something i didn't tell my parents til this day...lols so when i was about 6 or 7, i snuck behind a group of guys and pick up a cigerette butt that was still live. A distant relative threw it on the ground and i seize the opportunity... long story short, i got sick for 3 weeks..mad diarrhea and stomach cramps..i haven't thought of this for a long time..until this morning i saw a homeless dude pick up someone's leftover cigerette butt and started puffing away....i was like man yo, i was tempted to say i probably won't do this again, but here, i'll buy you a pack of smoke..haha but i was too taken aback..and he was long gone..haha

i think of life, and i truly believe some parts of our life are destined..haha some of the signs that happened to me as ayoung kid shows some correlations.. .i did became a smoker for several years in my 20's...then there's that time when I was the new kid in school..i was only  6 or 7, and i refused to sit next to any girl...lols at first the teacher thought i just didn't want to sit in the front, so she move me to the back next to another girl, then my old lady asked is it because they are girls? so the teacher  made me sit next to a boy..haha this was a revelation that i would be single for a very long time if not life...oh and i always been an outcast..haha i remember i would walk alone to the nearby park, just playing by myself and completely feeling happy or at least content..lols there's a few more early signs that became apparent as i became an adult..some are a little too personal..lols but one more, i once  stole money once from my old lady..lols she was extremely disappointed.. .sure enough, until my early 30's, i learned how to save, managed, and sometimes hustle for my bread and butter...haha My old lady would always bail me out everytime i was late on a payment or short on money...haha yeah okay wayy too personal actually, but I already wrote it down, and im not deleting it now...lols but i'm happy where im at parents never asked for anything...the y even said when its their time, they don't expect anything fancy or big...although my old man joked he would be please to be sent back and bury in his hometown in Laos..haha

well fuke, im on pilot mode...pain killers getting to me..haha
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