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You realize having wealth doesn't necessarily mean you flaunt it  ;) There's a reason why the rich stay rich.

Stop keeping up with the Joneses. Having meat and ammo and having a house while working PT doesn't mean you're well off. It just means your priority might be a bit skewed.

Someone here doesn't care about money though  ::)

i'm just speaking the truth
i know it hurts

but me... personally?
money is meaningless to me
im perfectly fine wearing WALMART NO BRAND SHOE
eating my whitebass
wearing my sweat pants

Let me correct you; "I am lazy."


You're a clown  ;D

Either way, I could always use the extra $$$.

Unlike some, I'm not going lie. Having that extra scratch would make Life a little more enjoyable.

it's okay
money is meaningless to me

i'm going give away all my wealth when i die
to the st jude children hospital


If you did not care as much about money as you're claiming, we wouldn't be spammed with threads about stocks, how we need higher wages and etc.

Had you stated "I want money, free money, money that I did not have to work for!", then I'd say speak your truth sir!

It can also depend on the industry you're in. I'm in Sales and as long as I meet my quota, I get a yearly raise and I move forward.

I recall while in Production you were treated as a group and that's when the dynamics of the efficient/nonefficient workers came into play. You were forced to pick up the slack or "suffer" as a whole.

Bars of soap, bruh. That was back in high school.

This year I'm hoping for something significant just because we hit 156% of our sales quota  O0

i know a lot of you biden voters are kicking yourself in da'butt! 
russian is about to take over ukraine, china is about to take over taiwan...mexic o already took over the US and jaio bai den haven't done anything about it.
we've seen the highest inflation in years, highest gas prices, highest unemployment rates and highest tax increase and the year is not even over yet!
not a lot republicans will want to be in office after Biden finishes this term...he's going to run our country into recession and depression...n o one would want to take the blame.
however any republican is better than any democrat.

Governor Ron DeSantis would make a great candidate (let's hope he runs).  ;)

And yet you're happily accepting and pining for more tax credits/"free money" that very few GOP want to sign off on.

General Discussion / Re: 60 Minutes pulled a CNN stunt...
« on: December 09, 2021, 04:04:31 PM »
They manipulated the vid and try to attack DeSantis as a evil gov'r that push pay-to-play.

Even a Democrat came out and debunked 60Minutes piece. Comes to show you how low these demmie loving MSM go to push an agenda.

This is the same playbook that MSM tried to make Trump to be... a racist, xenophobe, etc. etc. etc.

Quit using words you neither know how to pronounce or spell you friggin' immigrant!

Pro Sports Discussion / Re: Trevor Lawrence vs Mac Jones
« on: December 09, 2021, 03:47:57 PM »
Micah Parsons. He's keeping DAL relevant on Defense.

General Discussion / Re: More bad for Bendover Backward Biden...
« on: December 09, 2021, 03:06:14 PM »
WSJ polls: Taken after the Infrastructure Bill was passed - I bet 99.9% of American and 80% of politicians don't know what's all included in the bill.

61% of American believe economy is headed in wrong direction But don't worry folks MSM and the Demmies believe high inflation is a good thing for American and we all should just fork out more money for necessity.

46% believe the economy will get worst in the coming year - It's ok folks... this is put of the Build Back Better and it cost ZERO dollar.

Kind of like Obamacare and Affordable Health Care  ::)

Red states hate one but not the other  :2funny:


what im trying to say is
we have hmong cousin and relatives all over the USA
we can just go visit them
and skip the HOTEL RENTAL
stay at their place

 ;D ;D O0 O0

do vietnamese people do this too?

Do you also make calls to relatives in the middle of the night asking for money  :2funny:

i don't know man
but we need to stop doing all these "clickbait post"

nobody likes them



Hypocrite. You're by far the most guilty one of us who post clickbaits  ::)

General Discussion / Re: Things that happened while PH was down.
« on: November 30, 2021, 03:47:39 PM »
Don't forget the most important thing: people went outside to feel the sunlight on their skin.

***insert Spiderman meme***

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