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General Discussion / Oh no! Did the libs just own MAGAs?
« on: September 22, 2021, 12:48:13 PM »
Yes, according to right wing media:

"...The recall, which turned on Newsomís approach to the pandemic..."

No one really handles this pandemic in any better way than anybody else at this time because everyone is kind of lost on it. How is it reasonable to recall
Newsom just because of his approach?

No wonder the recall fails.
The reason doesn't matter to these people.  They just want a recall because their party isn't in the seat.  They're trying that with local positions too.  So many school board recall sheets going around for signatures.  These people really don't have anything better to do.

She said "Your president", instead of "our president" so she must be from another country, therefore her opinion on American Politics is moot anyway.  :2funny: :2funny:

I'll let you guess who sent it. lol :2funny: :2funny:

General Discussion / Re: It will never stop...
« on: September 13, 2021, 02:28:48 PM »
Do you think an electronic device implant is forthcoming? Or perhaps is already in the vaxes?
oh hell yeah.  :2funny:  Bill Gates is behind all this, obviously.  He wants to track all conservatives.  I can see him just sitting on his couch viewing them all on a large flatscreen.  Watching their every move.  poor chaps.  He's going to know what they're up to.  I for one, welcome the tracking.  I want them to see me.  I like being watched by a super rich billionaire.   :2funny: :2funny:

Yes, hide BNM. They are out to get you.  The libs are single minded and will all work together like borg drones and come after you.  Hide in the deepest cave you can find and for your own sake, don't come out.  ;D ;D :2funny: :2funny:

General Discussion / Re: The ACLU is the biggest joke...
« on: September 03, 2021, 10:39:51 AM »
On a side note...

Its good to see all these ANTI VAXX CONSERVATIVE RADIO HOST drop like flies
I shed no tears for these kind of people
Cruel way to make a living
With their MISINFORMATION nonsense spewed

At this point

let them die

Don't forget Joe Rogan.  Refuses the vaccine, created by doctors and backed by scientists, gets Covid as expected and now turning to horse dewormers thinking that's going to cure it because someone on the Internet says so. 

General Discussion / Re: The ACLU is the biggest joke...
« on: September 03, 2021, 10:37:18 AM »
This is what they tweeted:
Far from compromising them, vaccine mandates actually further civil liberties."

Are you kidding me? We further civil liberties by having the gov't force people to do things?

What ever happened to the "My body, My choice" slogan that the Demmies, Lefties, Pro-assies, etc. etc. etc. was screaming when it comes to "abortion". Shouldn't that slogan applied to every facet of a person's choice or does it only applied to whatever the Left Crazies think?
IKR, this is like people forcing women to yield their bodies to the wishes of others.  Your body, my choice, no abortions. Maybe they're becoming more Republican?

He saying renter should get a break



 ;D ;D
yes, thatís exactly what heís saying. He wants the libs to provide handouts so he can cry socialism but when they donít heís shocked and in disbelief that they are not conforming to his preconceived notions that were based off lies from the right winged media. Btw, the courts have ruled that these right winged  shows  do not count as real news because a reasonable person would know its fake and for entertainment purposes only. Sadly, many of their watchers are unreasonable.

General Discussion / When will we encounter one whoís just evil?
« on: August 19, 2021, 06:31:12 PM »


General Discussion / Why shoot him 60 times?
« on: July 19, 2021, 04:56:49 PM »

That's why it's so expensive in live in SF. The good year round temps (not too cold in the Winter, not too hot in the Summer) is one of the main factors why folks want to live there especially on the cooler side by the Golden Gate Bride. There's a few rare occasions where SF reaches triple degree but very rare.
So you're saying that Weather is the reason it's so expensive SF?  Really?  :2funny:

You trying to buy a $400,000 house
You donít have $400,000
You take out a $400,000 mortgage loan

$400,000 on a 30 year at 4% interest rate
You looking at $400,000 loan that you have to pay back
Along with $300,000 interest (yes $300,000 rounding estimate )

Total cost of the loan $700,000

You sell the house for $800,000

Plus you got property taxes and insurance
So you might just even it out

Just rounding estimate
But yea

And yea TRUST ME
Don't forget to compare that to the cost of paying $1K to rent on an equivalent home, with 3% yearly rent increases to cover landlord's expenses and inflation for 30 years, with no home to sell at the end of the 30 years. 

I'm just happy to see Hmong peeps making names for themselves and getting noticed.  Hoepfully, not too many haters are out there trying to pull them down with negativity. O0

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