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Not every SB are broke and ďneedĒ the money. Some use it to elevate their lifestyle. My Sb make her own money but I still pay for everything. True alpha right there lol. And itís not how much you make, itís what you do with the money. How much are you actually spending on her is the key here. A guy can make a million but still stingy.

In terms of dollars that don't make sense, she's got it going on and she's milking it.  I'm not concern about her no more.  Figuratively speaking, I'm concern about you.   :2funny:

If that's what you like, losing money to get companionship that doesn't go anywhere then that's all on you.  I said the magical word up there and it is called "Grooming".  I don't need to explain myself as it is self explanatory.  Good luck with your journey. 

Wait til you starting adding up food, shopping spree, vacation, get her hair and nails  done  etc. now youíre investing  :2funny:

She has her own money and not no broke azz hoez whom you are trying to groom.    :2funny:

What if you donít believe in hell

You still go to hell.  The fake hell where everything is fake.  IT is still hell so they are right, you are going to hell  O0

those CIA operator and GI JOE soldiers
Almost wipe your people off the map

 ;D ;D
 Be careful man
Your family is consider traitor
And will be killed on the spot. 
If you go back

Lol jk

I don't speak for the commie, they are not my people.  America CIA and operatives were on my people's side.  My people fought with the Americans.  The war is over.  It is ok to go back to smoke some good hmong pipes and taste some good young hmong girls. 

So what was your people doing for the past 1600s??? Year
Did pretty good I assume

They probably got lucky without being forced to be under the gun otherwise the line ends there and I wouldn't be here. 

Perhaps they go hiding in them caves or something.  It was under a particular ruler at the time.  I'm a Nguyen and the Nguyen king was a proud sponsor of the Christian religion so we safe.   O0

Iím the nicest person in here to be honest


You so nice, how about sending $5 to theking so he can buy his daughter some candy?

Why am i going to hell
I havenít Sin Anyone

 ;D ;D

They say you go to hell.  They never say you have to live there.   :2funny:

General Discussion / Re: Is Brandon deaf too?
« on: September 22, 2022, 12:27:28 PM »
It comes with having ADD. 

Attention National Deficit disorder


Why they calling it SUGAR? 

Because it follows the coin phrase  "Taking Candy away from a baby

Stigmatism, Shame on you for preying on the weak   :2funny:

Pros of sugar relationship
1.  No tough arguments or fights
2.  Can be easily stopped at any time
3.  No strings attached
4.  Gives exactly what you seek

Pros of vanilla aka traditional relationship
1.  Based on real feelings and commitment
2.  Requires a lot of self-work and helps improve character
3.  Brings emotional fulfillment
4.  Always includes a sexual part
5.  Brings sense to one`s life

cons of sugar relationship
1.  The only satisfaction for sugar babies is money
2.  No long-term attachment
3.  No real feelings
4.  Can sometimes lead to harassment and financial manipulation

cons of vanilla relationship
1.  Might be hard to find and maintain
2.  Sometimes leads to arguments and big fights
3.  Breakups can be bitter

Regular aka vanilla dating
1.  Good for independent girls
2.  Sex is not a compulsive thing
3.  Equality in relationships
4.  Socially accepted

Sugar dating
1.  Good for ladies who need material support
2.  Sex is a normal thing
3.  Sugar babies commonly have no choice
4.  Socially judged

Nope. Sex and financial support are tied together. I donít pay just for friendship. If you do youíre getting rinse.

I mean I donít mind if weíre both already established in a sugar relationship long term and have build each other trust enough to where weíre both just very happy seeing each other, then giving extra is okay. But I wonít do that if Iím just starting out. Most SBs that are trying to get pay without offering anything in return arenít successful in the bowl. There may be a few cases where that happens but it never lead to long term. It has to also benefit me.  O0

This is no different than  you taking a normal girl out to dinner dates a few times but sheís doesnít want to put out. Youíre just wasting time and effort. Guys have to pay with their time and energy too trying to get sex for free with women who arenít finding them valuable.

Traditional dating is different than the sugar dating.

The women you date are not expecting to be paid.   O0

Iíd rather guys do the passport and or improve themselves and level up, rather than to use game and cold approach a hundred women just to get rejected.

I challenged you to go to your Christian pastor n tell him your story.

He'll biatch at you even more.  Wanna bet?  Stigmatized is the message here.

The Single & Dating Scenes / Re: Are you a king
« on: September 22, 2022, 11:18:48 AM »
Look at who you are so called dating.  The fact that these are babies meaning that they are broke ass biatches.  They got no job n milking you is their only source of income. 

Continue to wishing and praying that they are still broke because the moment they come up, they'll leave your ass for better. 


The Single & Dating Scenes / Re: Are you a king
« on: September 22, 2022, 11:09:41 AM »
Do you know what a king is? Kings donít go halfsies with women. Kings donít complain. They just do it and they donít need the women to ask for it. Go make some money then come back when you can afford to treat a woman well. 😂 🤣

King marries his queen. 

What you got?  A bunch of hoes on allowance? 

Yeah right. Who even pay for platonic lmao. Platonic babes usually donít receive allowance. Thatís just like me paying for a friend to be there. Who the f pay for a friend they are seeing and say ďhereís your moneyĒ see you again next week.   

You do.  You pay for a unquestionable relationship, that is if you can qualify it as a legit relationship. 

Look it here.  She's not even your GF.  If she is then we wouldn't be here talking about this sugar subject at hand. 

Hell, not many people set up a $500 a week for their legit GF.  I mean they can live together n not paying rent or have her phone bills payed but not no $500 allowance.  Hell, even her own father wouldn't give her a $500 a week allowance.  Heck, even some to most husband do not set up a $500 a week allowance for their wives. 

But we get it though.  You give a stranger a $500 a week allowance.  So what are you?  Disciple of grandpa Biden setting up some kind of a universal income stimulus handout or something?   :2funny:

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