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Before the Yuan Dynasty and the tyranny of the Xiong/Song Dynasty, the Xiongs were once heroes before the fall. Did you know that if you give them a little bit of taste of power, they can go a bit crazy like the Mad King from Game of Thrones? The Xiongs are like Jon Snow, a great man and a hero like King David; however, the fall is what made them horrible when they became emperor of the land. Xiong people are just like Jon Snow. They are good in fighting, but to rule, it's going to be scary. It's best for them to be just Jon Snow than the Mad King.

I am a fan of the Xiongs of how they fight. They got great generals from the old times in Hmong-Chinese history.
Faith & Beliefs / The testimony of a Hitman
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Faith & Beliefs / Re: Stupidiest Practice
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Some good people are ethical asssholes to rub it in, which is wrong. Some people are just kunts to see the looks on your face.

The moral of the day, let them rot and judgment will be pass by God. They can end up like Egypt.
Faith & Beliefs / Re: Stupidiest Practice
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Again, human history repeats as to what Christ have said. We are doomed.
Pro Sports Discussion / Re: NFL TALK
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"Are you ready for some football?"

The NFL is around the corner:

..the overpass. It was kind of chaotic around them but these fishermen didn't care what was happening around them. They just want to fish and did so in a calm manner:

Faith & Beliefs / Re: Read this manga and I pray we Hmong people don't do this!
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Dayum! The daughter is way worse than the father. I can't believe the father couldn't evaluate his own daughter's delinquent behavior.

Don't do this as a Christian! NEVER! UH-UH!!! NOPE!

If someone do good in school and you're a douchebag like her, FAWK YOU! Straight A+ student trash! They are trash! I pray they marry a trash asssshole like them.
Faith & Beliefs / Right, arrogant, and rude
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I was like this. If I know someone is wrong, don't be arrogantly right and rude because that is where you get a knuckle sandwich for being rude and right. My mother tells me, "if you're right, shut up! If you're wrong, shut up! If you rub your righteousness to someone's face, it's no wonder why you got no friends." It's true. Sometimes, if you know that you're right, just be quiet and stay humble. You don't want to end up like Joseph who got sold into slavery for rubbing his brothers all wrong! That is why bodybuilders are a snob because they got no real friends, which explains why they want some attention.
General Discussion / Sharing photos from the Boardwalk
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..I'm looking forward to watching Top Gun 2 but it keeps getting pushed. It's scheduled to wide release on "November 17th, 2021" now so hope it sticks... ???:

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