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A Friendship Built Strong
« on: November 15, 2012, 09:09:50 PM »
yet another poem inspired by my first luv (who was also a good friend) who eventually became my best friend.  this was about my our relationship.. .how it started, what we went through, and where we were possibly headed.  Honestly, this is one of my fav poems (I've written).

A Friendship Built Strong
I had a vision
A vision oh so clear
Of you and me
Together happily
We met upon friends
And a friendship built strong

Nothing would ever go wrong
I learned to see who you are
I grew to love you for who you were
Every move, every word
I kept it all
Deep down inside I knew
One day I would be the one to say you were mine
One after one
I saw them pass by
Each one left with a piece of your broken heart
Sometimes, I try so hard to make it whole again
Yet love may blind ones eyes
Years passed and you left
All that was left was memories
Through letters we were in touch
Though miles we were apart
A friendship built strong

Late June you returned
Smiles upon every face
Hot summer nights
Sleeping with tears on my pillow
Your reenterance left me all by myself
Happy you seemed to be
Miserable was I
Yet your smile is contagious
I can't help but be happy when you're happy
And a friendship built strong

Walking down halls with books in our hands
Long hours in in uncomfortable positions
No words amoung our tongues
Misunderstandi ngs
Until lips made their move
good news fell on to me
Two people feeling the same thing
It's unbelievable
And a friendship built strong

Good times we've shared
Passing looks
Amazing looks
Contradicting my thoughts
Special friends
Special times
Notes here and there
Cherished words kept safe in a book
With captions of memorable moments
Strengths in our lives we are
Best friends of a lifetime
A friendship built strong

Tragic times
Plenty of tears
Breaking down unconsciously
But a friend will always be there
Turn around and look to your side
Here I am
A friend that may be
Comforting you when you're down
Sitting by your bedside when you're not feeling well
Laughing with you when happy times are near
A friend is what I am
A friend is who you are
Best of friends
That is us
A friendship built strong

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Re: A Friendship Built Strong
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2012, 01:11:57 PM »
Reminds me of those puppy love years... :P
Yeah....I wrote this one in high school though...years after we dated.  We have been through a lot but wee still good friends.  I feel those are the best relationships. ..when you have enough respect for each other despite the good, bad, n ugly...u can still be in the same room, look at each other and though know you're not together that you are OK and am truly happy for one another and truly wish good things for the other.

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