Author Topic: I definately don't want a girl with long hair... becuase at night... if they get  (Read 1318 times)

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up and walk around...

they be looking like this! 

It's scary.

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I went through all 15k posts and those 2 quotes I found were the only ones so I guess that would make it "everytime".  Feel free to go through all 15k posts and verify by quoting them all.  You need to quote them all to verifying prove "everytime".   Please verify that Im wrong.



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The trick is to bend them over on the kitchen table, lift that white dress, pull than panties down and do her from the back.   :2funny:

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You are such a amateurish pher. 

The longer the hair, the better it is when you must do the doggy hair pulling game.  geez

Need i show you a real-life pix?  WTF


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