Author Topic: House of Hos Kardashians reality tv show  (Read 342 times)

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House of Hos Kardashians reality tv show
« on: November 25, 2020, 06:47:39 PM »
I have seen how richie rich white folks be living large but it irks me to see my Vietnamese people be living large, not in the limelight of being Vietnamese as in the culture but straight up Americanized kind of richie rich. 

I hope to see them go into viet town and order themselves a bowl of pho the least.  Show looks fake and scripted to get reviews or possible they are rich rich enough to pay for their own production.  I mean like trump, you already rich, what else is it that you want?  TV air time fame. 

I know how millionaire class viets live but when it comes to the next top tier in the billionaire club, I do not know how they live.  Can you see the stuck up, air head, I'm better than you vibes coming out of the faces of these azn?  Crazy rich azn is one thing but it is hard to swallow to see a rich viet family living large like this.  All that wealth, can you not buy yourself a fake face and better body like the kardashians? 

you can still be rich but show some culture in your life will ya?  Glad they kept the Ho as their last name.

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