Author Topic: 400 y.o. tradition but still pretty gruesome with over 1400 mammals slaughtered  (Read 32 times)

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Slaughter of dolphins on Faeroes sparks debate on traditions

The slaughter of 1,428 white-sided dolphins as part of a four-century-old traditional drive of sea mammals into shallow water in the Faeroe Islands where they are killed has reignited a debate in the small North Atlantic islands

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There are mandates that if you are of such tribe of people, you are allowed to hunt such custom tradition until the head leader in charge changes the rule.  Like eskimoes, they can hunt whales and seals in Alaska but we other people can't. 

Like native Americans, they can hunt and fish without a fishing license here in California.  Then again, I kind of wonder if homeless people can fish for a living and to survive?  Too poor to afford a fishing license. 

Although the hunting of dolphin may seems barbaric, as long as it is sustainable and they are taking great measures to only hunt on short terms and close for the rest of the season to help populate during breeding season. 

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