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« on: October 20, 2021, 10:10:46 AM »
It's been 2+ years already
July 2nd was when I started missing you dearly
Two bars in and my eyes teary
Had to pause for a minute to maintain equanimity

It's going to be hard to finish this poetry
So much to say but nothing
Looked at the clock and it's 1am in the morning
When will I finish this poetastry

It's true what they say
You know, about folks with a smiling face
They are the ones with the most pain
An ache that can't be contain

Why didn't you tell us?
We gave you all our love
It's a mystery why it wasn't enough

Shit, I've been meaning to write this piece but I kept putting it off.  Yesterday, your picture fell off the shelf and here I am.  Once again, I'm sorry that your picture fell.  I do feel a bit better now.  I miss you and I love you.

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