Author Topic: Most expensive tea in the world  (Read 175 times)

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Most expensive tea in the world
« on: March 23, 2022, 02:05:30 PM »

cost so much like good expensive cognac.  They even break it down to why it is so expensive.  I never knew it was this expensive for this particular brand.  For such pricing, it better cure diseases like the legendary bear gall bladder that I have tried before.  I tasted it not because I was sick but for the first time virgin experiences.  The most bitter stuff on earth that lingers in your mouth for hours.  This is how you know it is the real legit stuff when it is bitter like this. 

I drink tea on the daily because I'm transitioning myself into an older man.  My tea of choice is the jasmine tea that you get for free at some viet pho house.  It is the tea that I grew up with when grandpa be drinking it and allowing us kids to taste it as well.  To me, it is this memory of the jasmine tea flavoring that is priceless to me.  Mind you, I'm connected with the bay area chinese folks for business so they be gifting me some weird and exotic tea.  I tried a bunch of them and I gave it all away because their odd flavoring does nothing for me.  Some even tasted nasty.  One particular is a chinese green tea from this one gal who gave me a batch to try and she did warned me about its effect.  She smuggled a few batches after her trip to china.  I kid you not, I drank it at work like how I would normally drink my jasmine tea and I was taking a dump like 3x a day.  I could not figure out what was the causal.  It turns out that drinking this particular green tea helps one to loose weight.  You poop it all out so this is how you loose weight I suppose.  I freaked out so I stopped consuming it. 

So yeah, for those who wants to read more about these types of expensive tea, go here to read

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