Author Topic: "Još jedno brutalno nasilje oca nad ćerkom" indeed, as a dad, I have no words  (Read 218 times)

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...for this primitive behaviors toward his own teenage daughter..  :idiot2: :'(:

Chinese father punches and kicks his daughter in vicious assault on tennis court in Serbia
Disturbing images appear to have been covertly captured at unnamed tennis club

Serbian reports suggest that a Chinese tennis dad has been arrested and charged with domestic violence offences after a horrific video surfaced on social media that showed him punching and kicking his young daughter.

The disturbing images appeared to have been covertly captured at an unnamed tennis club in Serbia. They showed the male – who is identified in reports only as WL – walking onto a clay court and abusing his daughter viciously (watch video below).

Caution: disturbing video in the link below:

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