Author Topic: Brandon and his lies continued... Does every Leftie/Demmie think people are...  (Read 75 times)

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ignorant like them?

- While blaming high inflation on the war in Iraq (he quickly corrected himself) but claimed he remember Iraq because that's where his son died. Uh, his son died of cancer 6 yrs after leaving the service.

- He claimed he met and spoke with the inventors of Insulin... the two Noble Prize winners (Sir Frederick Banting and Prof. John Macleod) were dead before Brandon was even born. Two other who assisted in the discovery (Charles Best & James Collip) who's name was on the patent was alive when Brandon was born. I seriously doubt Brandon spoke to any of these men about their Insulin discovery.

- He refer to Debbie W. as a senator... she's a rep.

- He refer to Hurrican Ian as Hurricane Ivan (2004 hurricane)

in an early speech, he claimed the US is made up of 54 states....

But the best is his definition of what 'inflation is"
"That's what I call inflation. The end of the month. What you have left. You have no money. That's inflation. What's, what do you, the things you need. Are they going up? They are. They are."  :idiot2: :idiot2:

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And when people ask you who is your current commander in chief?  What is your answer? 

Yeah, thought so   :2funny:

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Damn. Heís taking several pages out of Trumpís book. He knows that Republicans donít care if you lie.  But What he doesnít know is that if youíre going to lie you need to tag on the Republican name to yours first.

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