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General Discussion / American Hmong vs French Hmong
« Last post by thePoster on Today at 01:01:30 AM »
So what they were telling me was that they found the concept of hmongs killing hmong very odd and strange and kinfa hard to even believe that that idea even exist becuase that doesnt happen in France.   

Made me think about how our hmong way of thinking and ideology has parted ways and went on its own paths as us hmong people have went to live in different countries.

I hope the hmong community in France stays that way. 

The one thing..they really dont talk smack about other hmong people.  They are very hunble and down to earth and supportive people out here.

General Discussion / Re: check out this millionaire who is on foodstamp
« Last post by theking on Today at 12:44:43 AM »
Here's another example of frauds have no shame  ;D:

Rachel Dolezal, also known as Nkechi Diallo, booked and released on welfare fraud, other charges

Former Spokane NAACP President Nkechi Diallo -- who became infamous as Rachel Dolezal, a white woman identifying as black -- was booked and fingerprinted at a Washington state jail Monday as she awaits trial on multiple charges, including welfare fraud.

Diallo pleaded not guilty to state charges of first-degree theft by welfare fraud, making false verification and second-degree perjury last month. A judge ordered her freed on her own recognizance and gave her a deadline of Monday evening to report to the Spokane County jail for booking and fingerprinting .

Diallo, who changed her name from Rachel Dolezal in October 2016, is accused of receiving more than $8,800 in food and childcare assistance illegally between August 2015 and November 2017.

The welfare fraud case started in March 2017 after a state investigator received information that Diallo had written a book --her autobiography, "In Full Color." The investigator reviewed Diallo's records and found that she had been reporting her income as usually less than $500 per month, court documents said.

However, a subpoena of her bank statements and other records showed Diallo had deposited nearly $84,000 into her account from 2015-17, without reporting most of it to the state Department of Social and Health Services.

Faith & Beliefs / Re: Is playing morality immoral?
« Last post by dogmai on Today at 12:41:22 AM »
Quote: " And by forcing him to get A's, he will go back to
Getting F's again once the is no more authority figure, not understanding why one should strive to get A's instead of F's"

Then he dies from starvation. Some people will choose to starve and spit at food because food is an insult to their stomach. They rather choose to eat turd than a good steak with potatoes with rice and beans. Yet, they expect the turd to taste like steak--impossible! It's what Einsteins says about insanity:Exactly, that's why those who do immoral acts after learning that god doesn't exist won't last. By not understanding morality and only refuse to do immoral acts out of fear of god, immoral people and at most amoral. These are the ones that Nietzsche were referring to tbat turns to irrationality and chaos. Confused and not knowing what to do. But like Nietzsche said, they won't last long. And once they are gone, humanity will continue to rebuild and evolve. That's one reason as to why they cannot see and/or imagine pass the chaos stage.

Homer Simpson does this when he's on the telephone pole, expecting a new result, over and over again; yet, it still the same.Ironic how it is exactly like the solution you proposed. Killing the immoral people thinking that it's over, only to end up having to do it over again and agai.

This reminds me of a zombie apocalypse. You go by protecting people from zombies by locking them behind a walled city, killing any zombie  that is spotted inside. Every now and then some zombie pop up, sometimes killing a few survivors but pretty much is eliminated once spotted. This cycle goes on, not knowing how they got inside even after checking all fortifications .

I, on the other hand keep survivors inside a fortified city as well, difference is that I teach them about defending themselves and keeping an eye out for zombies. While doing that,  I also look for the cure for the zombie virus. It may take some time to find a cure, but at least on the way I was able to to find out how it's being transmitted and finding ways to prevent the spread of the virus. Also everyone in the city would also have this knowledge. My citizens knows the reasons as to why it's dangerous outside the city walls, but also know what to do in case they end up being outside.
General Discussion / Re: check out this millionaire who is on foodstamp
« Last post by theking on Today at 12:38:54 AM »
It's income base per the article.

When I say, 'frauds have no shame'...I'm referring to those don't need the resource but still have no shame taking it due to greed. Out of curiosity, I read a bit on the current regs and policies just to see what's new and there are changes from the days when I was in that field and many jurisdictions follow what they called, the "broad-based categorical eligibility" now meaning they take the income information down but no asset inquiries for some applicants. With that said, some "asset" inquiries are still needed for certain applicants. Therefore, those applicants still need to be under certain asset limits in order to be eligible for SNAP and that depends on various factors like who's in the household, what are their living/health conditions, etc. Also found this little tidbit about the changes...

" an effort to encourage increased access to SNAP benefits, the USDA under the current administration, has also discouraged the use of asset tests as a benchmark to determine recipient eligibility. An asset test tallies a potential recipientís countable resources, such as bank accounts, in determining his or her need for assistance. With the relaxation or elimination of asset tests for many states, there is more room for manipulation and exploitation of the program..."
Faith & Beliefs / Re: Is playing morality immoral?
« Last post by dogmai on Today at 12:06:20 AM »
Yet, you are blind to see the wrongs in morality of what it can turn a man into. Morality can make you become an executioner or a saint. If that's what you consider it to be, then you are talking about something else, and not morality. You choose your code morality. Your actions are based on those moral codes that you choose to follow, blaming your wrongdoing on morality is just shifting the blame because you won't take responsibility for your actions.  About 90% of the time, people will become an executioner rather than a saint. Do tell me, are we ready for such knowledge as morality? Of course we are, that's the only way for someone to be a moral person. Only an amoral person would choose to reject having knowledge of morality.  Mankind is never ready to be expose in some rate-R scripture to where they cannot process that in their brains.While I do agree that some people are not ready and cannot process it, but overall,  mankind itself is ready for it. Mankind have been ready for it for a long time now, ever since when we were able to determine what is good and what is evil, right from wrong. I truly believe that the nightmares of mankind and having Jesus to die for us is to tell humanity that we don't deserve His grace. I for one, am not worthy. While I don't believe in the bible, logic would suggest that if someone decided to start preaching and spreading his ideas to people, that means that that person believe that people are ready to learn what is being taught. If you truly feel that you are not worthy and not ready, then your whole argument falls apart. The more you wish you didn't know, the more you become ignorant, thus, the more you lack the knowledge to understand it.  Someone ignorant in morality shouldn't be the one to teach/lead humanity in morality. They are not qualify to do so.

You have your solution; however, the process is too slow to the point, you are already dead at your old age before you even see your dream to come true. Mine, however, is a lot faster like a boom shot in Gears of War 2. All you need is to gather the criminals in the jail cell, find the level 10 highest criminal to be lined up in a circle, then you get your boom shot and blast them into smithereens. Job DONE! No more criminal will do harm to any others until they revolt for the rights of evil. I would like to see a riot of evil people, killing good people for not letting them rape people as they do as they please.
This is morality we're talking about here, not a race to see who reach the finish line first. Therefore, using your immoral way defeats the purpose of attempting to make mankind moral. Just because someone thinks that his actions were moral, doesn't necessarily mean that it is. A person will commit immoral acts believing it to be moral if that was what they were being taught   

We have gone from race to the hearts of man.

And your way does not solve the problem. Reacting to symptoms of a problem is not solving the problem, it's simply just dealing with the symptoms at hand. Solving the problem is to not have the symptoms showing up,  like my way.

Sure, a doctor can just give a patient some pain relievers for his headache and send him On his way. Yes, the pain will go away right there and then return later. Or a doctor can actually try and figure out what is causing the headaches. Once diagnosed, the doctor can now find a way to get rid of the headaches permanently by removing the brain tumor.
Money & Investment / gambling for a living
« Last post by DaCurse on November 18, 2018, 11:01:33 PM »
the other day I went to a card room I use to frequent...sup risingly, some regulars there still remembers me....sat down on one poker table...i can tell some of the guys there didn't like me...they call me a runner...haha someone that wins, and then doesn't show up for a long i can tell these guys wanted to take away my chips...i let them win...after kicking their asses just like the last time we met...hahah but i felt sorry for i let them win, and gave all the money I ever took from them back to them....and we became friends again...sort of...told them, no more poker for me....i can't accept poker money...i accept house money, but not other people's money..haha

later I went to the indian casino...lots of people were hitting blanks on the slot machines I consider my favorite slots in that casino...I knew then...if I waited a few hours, those slots might just be in the mood to pay out...I went to mess around with some penny slots here and there....when I was ready to leave, I went to my favorite slot machines...and just two other people playing now...i saw that the machines were a little more friendlier now by the small winnings these two other folks were hitting...I chose the one next to one of them...and within 10 spins, I already hit a nice 500 bucks jackpot...haha h

apparently, I gave both of them the winnings..spli t it up evenly...I didn't tell them or care what they do with it...I wanted to say, if they keep playing, they should win more...but I didn't...hahah

I left the casino, and never look back...

I always wanted to gamble for a living...and I did...for many years...but It's just not for never only was because I was broke then...but not anymore....Onl y cost me about 50k to learn all the ins and outs of professional s but no worries...I won significantly more than i'll donate what ever is left...when I die...hahaha

I don't condone gambling folks...not because it's bad...but because I know, 99% of folks will not be successful at it... 8)
Faith & Beliefs / Re: Is playing morality immoral?
« Last post by dogmai on November 18, 2018, 10:42:30 PM »
Quote: "The less you know, the more you will be crazy, lacking the knowledge to understand why you are being crazy."

False! I don't see dumb people who goes crazy. Do you see one? Because I haven't. In my life, I have never seen a crazy dumb guy with no education, a high school drop out pulling on some smarty-artsy-fartsy moves about Darwinian theory, ethical philosophy, and literature on some debate. Most dumb people who knows they are drop outs will never talk because they aren't a big shot.

This is a fallacy.  To be specific,  it's the argument from ignorance.

And the less you know about a particular subject, makes you go crazy because you don't have the answers to your questions. Some people will even use irrational ideas as an answer to their questions.

BTW, I've met uneducated high school dropouts who are more moral than some educated ones.
General Relationship / Re: Hmong Women in California
« Last post by DaCurse on November 18, 2018, 10:39:12 PM »
Damn my Vietnamese and Purto rican guys got so many hot ass chicks, why hmong chicks??? there's only enough to go around for member we don't even make 1% of the world population...g o back to your women...wait for us to multiply exponentially first...;D
Work Avenue / Re: thinking about going back into longhaul trucking!
« Last post by DaCurse on November 18, 2018, 10:26:58 PM »
just got done with my refresher courses folks...i'll be on the road after this year's end...I really don't know why I didn't stick it out the first time...i suppose i had cold feet and wasn't quite ready to give up on women...well it's more like love..but I don't need it anymore..lols
Faith & Beliefs / Re: Is playing morality immoral?
« Last post by dogmai on November 18, 2018, 10:25:19 PM »
Quote: "And a lot of men do bad things because they don't realize that what they are doing is wrong. Dead men can't learn from their mistakes"

UH...some men do and they don't give a fudge! I am talking about those people. The ones that don't will never do this because they have a conscience. Having a conscience means that you have some sort of moral code that you follow. They have a guilty conscience whenever they do/Did something that goes against their moral code. Some people might believe that murder is wrong but rape isn't. They still care about being right or wrong. So what happens then? The ones who throws conscience into the trash, find morality as insulting and racial discrimination TO their kinds of attitude, will purge whoever has conscience. Just look at Lucifer. He knows what he did is wrong; however, does he care? NO! This proves you wrong here. Because I am talking about the ones like these who throws conscience into the trash, steps on it, and calls it, "A total, righteous, virtuous ****." Some men likes being bad because you haven't seen one yet. I have. They don't care if they are wrong. Just look at the Japanese people who haven't apologize to China yet. Not apologizing does not mean that they care if they are wrong. There Can be other possible reasons for them not apologizing. Making claim without giving evidence doesn't validate your argument. At least America know what they did is wrong by mushroom bombing two cities in Japan.

You never answered my question from the other post. What is define as a "monster"? And how do you differentiate a monster from a human?
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