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Online Journal / Re: The little girl's cousin now starts her journey
« Last post by Reporter on Today at 08:42:26 AM »
Two days ago--yes, exactly two days ago today--we heard the cousin say two words.

When the little girl and I noticed that, we both said we were happy she could do that.

But she just stopped there. The cousin didn't make anything more out of it. Nor did she make any other sounds.

There's delight in hearing a crawling infant utter sounds.
Now, now, now! Don't act like you are having behavior issues yourself now. You know schools of any area of life exist and could exist.  And the word "school" is not limited to just well-behaved kids who might not even do well in them.

entitled parents raise entitled kids when what we really need is empathy and compassion in this world. i hope you never know the struggles of a special needs child. go live in asia if all you want is a robot test taking machine. also, your grammar sucks but who's counting haha
maybe when you were growing up but times have change, grandpaw

fyi, ALL students (kids) have behavior issues just like adults have behavior issues  ::)
Online Journal / Re: Calm, Cool, Collective
« Last post by DaCurse on Today at 12:55:16 AM »
be formless, shapeless, be alert but desire-less, be water my friend.... ;D ;D a minimalist...o nly keep what you need. spend on what you need....only dream of what you can afford, and only accomplish  goals you can reach. it's okay to not be the best or to live life to the fullest...a lot of times its best not to, the best things in life are free and what you already have.....haha 8)
pretty sure I'm correct too....lols text history doesn't lie...

but anyway, folks, when your conversations goes awry like's a sure sign to move on...haha
shit damn fuke...i forgotten all about this chick...haha have not text or call her...she have not text or call me yeah maybe it was just a false alarm..haha once again, i might just have escaped again..haha

text this chick tonight...didn't think she would text back...but it went something like this...lols

me- hey, it's been a while, have not heard from you, just thought i say hi and see how you're doing.

her- thanks, i'm doing good. how about yourself.

me- good. just bored.

her- oh so you only text me when you're bored huh?

me- what do you mean, or what's wrong with that.

her- seriously??

me- last i check, if i'm correct, you said you'll text me back, but never did.....

haha....and that was the end of it.....oh wells...lols
see my old car in there too..the 4th gen, I think honda accords...lols had one same color too. it was okay car, very good for its time. time sure flies..
Anonymous Stories & Advices / Re: office romances
« Last post by Anonymous on July 10, 2020, 11:23:01 PM »
Rephrase that. I don't understand what you are getting at. I mean, sure, you are getting at her thing. But what are you saying?
Money & Investment / Re: Thanks TSLA!
« Last post by theking on July 10, 2020, 10:23:23 PM »

Do you want to wait 1 hour to charge up???

Yes because that's what's expected if I have a car like that..And NO, these owners don't mind at all either as their meal at the Ranch will take longer.. And yes, it takes over an hour a meal there but my steak is always good there..O0:

For sure, bro

Glad you donít own any stock
Cuzzzz you kinda of dumb

Stick to those 401k and let your workplace do it for you


TOLD YA, and CALLED IT, it's a LIE (as usual) and very easy for me to catch him which is why I called him out on the spot.. ;D:

proudlao told me to not make fun of you anymore
so i won't

Yes, it's as bad as LYING about being "always right" but fail time and time again when he gives out his -99.99% "TRASH ADVICE" to others.. :idiot2: ;D:

that poor girl Renaissance...

GE stock as of today is $11.69 per share.  Someone is giving bad investment advice 

She should've follow her instincts and follow these PH members' view of hmgLIAR's LIES and well established "negative" (per other PH members) fraudulent rep..  ;D:

I donít believe his lies for a second

Youíre a prime example....on the negative side of things.



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