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Hmong Culture & History / Re: Bliatout Clan name?
« Last post by hmongviking on Today at 07:28:21 AM »
The name was PROBABLY changed from Thao to Bliatout back in the late 80s when Bruce Bliatout got his Ph.D.

If Bliatout's were originally Thao's, even if he gotten his Ph.D.  He should have kept Thao.  Why would would you not be proud of who you are?  It's crazy enough, that a lot of the older people, changed their first name to "David, Bruce, Tony, etc..." but at least keep your given last name.

Do you think the votes had anything to do with the clan name? Blong Xiong clearly used Xiong as his clan name but he still didn't get enough votes to win over that Latino guy.

Not sure about Blong Xiong, but in MN, those that won, used their Clan names, "Mee Moua, Foung Hawj, Fue Lee, Kaohly Her, Jay Xiong and Tou Xiong".  Not to mention the ones that didn't win, "Grace Moua, Samantha Vang, Adam Yang, Blong Yang, Cindy Yang, Paul Yang and Yele-Mis Yang".  But you know how hard it is to get Hmong people out to vote and if they did get out to vote and they weren't following politics, but strictly voting based off of clan name, I'm pretty sure they'd pass up "Bliatout"... when I first saw Bobby Bliatout speaking, if he didn't reference "Hmong" or if I didn't look him up, I wouldn't have known he was even Hmong.  I didn't even know about a Bruce Bliatout until I looked up Bobby.  If your proud of who you are, just my thoughts... change your name back to your original clan name...
General Discussion / U.S Foreign Aid
« Last post by ProudLao on Today at 07:10:39 AM »
What do you think would happen if the U.S completely stopped giving out foreign aid?

LOL...oh no, theking is having serious foaming of the mouth.  i'm surprise you didn't blame the car but technically, it is the Light POLE's fault for being in the way, especially, when the city misplaces it at curbs or intersection that is too close to the street.   people don't have to be intoxicated but have died hitting Light POLES because it failed to do it's one job of shining a light.  people have had serious injuries and/or even deaths when these Light POLES decide to up root themselves and fall on them.   :2funny: :2funny:

This is wrong, theking didn't say light poles. He said light pulls.

He's talking about these.... ;D

Pro Sports Discussion / Re: NBA TALK
« Last post by ProudLao on Today at 06:20:58 AM »
One of two teams in history to reach the finals five strait times. Pretty rare indeed, congrats.
One of my favorite fruits.  O0

I remembered back in the Thai refugee camp, my mom would cut one up to share with the whole family and I've always picked the center/seed so I can scrape every last bit of the pulp/flesh... ;D

Us Asians are all alike bro  ;D my daughter is that way too  :D
General Discussion / Re: True or Not
« Last post by dogmai on Today at 05:14:11 AM »
People want to see you do better but not better than themselves?

Not for me, I am genuinely happy for those who succeed.

Hahahaha!!!  But no, that first grass less picture is not my backyard.  I was just messing with y’all.  Relax and don’t take things too seriously.
WRONG as usual coming from the Trump Disciple that proudly supports lies and fakes and even returned "fake love" to his own parent despite all the sacrifices they've made to raise him...

BUT do LOVE IT when the handful members of the narrow minded ignorant clique "raped" each other to see who's more ignorant... like you two for an example...O0 O0 O0 ;D

But at the end of day, we all know that you're still theking of ignorance.
YAx, you see!!!  theking gets raped by trump all the time and he don't complain! ha!

Of course he doesn't complain, he support rape and loves it.
Anonymous Stories & Advices / Why did you leave me
« Last post by Anonymous on Today at 03:56:06 AM »
I've been searching for you all these years. You're so mean. You carry such an icey cold heart. Like the dead of winter. It's so lonely here without you. All those cold restless nights without you in my arms. I wake up to an empty spot in my bed in the dead of night. I could of sore it was you who laid next to me. This loneliness is driving me insane. I dream of you day in and day out. I keep havubg the same dreams, over and over. In my dream, I helded you in my arms. And whisper into your ears. Am I your knight in shinny armor?. Just as you're about to answer me. My alarm goes off. But I don't wanna wake up yet. Let me sleep in a bit longer. Let me hear  your voice one more time. But the dream never came back. Therefore I'll have to wait until night time.
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