Author Topic: I was pretty good with my homemade slingshot in Laos but don't think I could've  (Read 94 times)

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...killed 1000 birds with it  ???:

Man in China arrested for killing 1,000 birds ‘for hotpot’

Chinese authorities arrested a man for the illegal killing of 1,000 protected birds that he claims he meant to cook in hotpots.

Local reports identified the perpetrator as Wu, 39, who was captured carrying two large bags filled with dead birds in the Chinese province of Zhejiang on Nov. 7.

The local police reportedly acted on a tip about illegal hunting activities in the mountain near Pingyang County in Wenzhou City.

Aside from the bags of dead birds, Wu was also carrying two small sound recorders, which he used to lure the birds into his makeshift bird trap.

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