Author Topic: First hand experience here: Just because your dad is "negative" don't mean you  (Read 21 times)

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..can't be positive and go 180 degree from it:

Teen pays it forward after dad dumps 80,000 ‘child support pennies’ at Virginia home

Avery Sanford said she didn’t know what to think when she saw a landscaping trailer pull up outside her Virginia home last month. Moments later, more than 80,000 pennies were spilling into the street and on her front lawn. “My mom came out and was like, ‘What are you dumping in my yard?’ “ Sanford, 18, told WTVR of the surprise visit by her dad, who she said she hasn’t spoken to in years. “She didn’t know who it was until he shouted, ‘It’s your final child support payment.’ “ Despite the “embarrassing” display, the teen and her mother got the coins cleaned up and decided every penny would go toward a good cause. Her dad’s final payment, Sanford said, will now benefit women and children who survived domestic abuse.

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