Author Topic: That's pretty common for women because the security blanket ranks higher  (Read 15 times)

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..for most women on average  ???:

From Drowning In Debt To An 8-Figure Net Worth––I Married For Money

My husband isn’t unattractive, but he also isn’t exactly Brad Pitt, if you catch my drift. His looks didn’t really matter — as a 22-year-old recent fashion school graduate, I thought marriage would bring me one step closer to my dream of becoming the next Donatella Versace.

We had only been dating for about six months, but my life had already undergone a 180-degree transformation . I attended more galas, brunches, and cocktail parties in that six months than I can recount, and my contact list had been elevated from college friends to world-renowned designers, photographers, business owners, and celebrities. And then there were the vacations — every other weekend, he would surprise me with a little getaway, sometimes to Tahoe, other times Honolulu, no expense spared.

I easily overlooked the offbeat beginnings to our courtship-turned-16-year-marriage, and overnight, I went from drowning in debt to an eight-figure net worth, all by signing one simple contract. Well, one contract and a bunch of other legal papers and NDAs to ensure our union wouldn’t negatively impact his business dealings. Either way, it was the best return I’d ever gotten on a six-month investment, and I couldn’t wait for my new life to begin.

Unfortunately, my parents hated him — but we’ll get there shortly.

Creepy guy, aisle one
I didn’t have to marry ugly — or poor — to disappoint my parents. They had already begun to question my life choices years prior, when I transitioned from an esteemed four-year university to a two-year fashion school. My entire family viewed it as a step down, as noted by their decision to pull my tuition funding for those remaining years of schooling. They didn’t owe me a fully-funded education, though it would have been nice if they notified me of their decision before my tuition bills came due…

Thus, it’s no surprise that a charismatic older man inviting me to join his table at one of Hollywood’s most exclusive hot spots might pique my fancy. He was a welcome distraction, a free dinner, and an open bar — what could go wrong?

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