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i don't wanna be mean but have hmong american girls really become unicorns? i'm not saying things can't work out with overseas people... but i guess... i'm just saying.. pick on someone your own size. 

and then to top it off by saying "it won't be long til he discovers her dirty laundry". i mean, did you even cared about her at all? or were you too busy being infatuated? putting her down because you did not get what you want shows real emotional intelligence.

good riddance. maybe you should go to laos/thailand.  and i hope the girls there take advantage of you all the same.

Bish what you talk about. Hmong American women are my bread and butter. I am there pbnj. I love them. There problem is they don't love themselve enough. Hmong women being talking about going night club and crap and only to complain. That crap is bad for your health. Woman and man aren't capable to love themselves until later in life. People ask me where are the nice men/women at? I tell them there everywhere there just busy figuring out their life.

I was drinking and eating with the boys
Most of these guys are married folks, with 2-3 kids
they were talking about their oversea girlfriend
and girlfriends that they meet here in the USA too

the focus than shift over to me
they started asking me where my mistress is and all that

i told them, I don't have one
because I love my wife really much
i've been with my old lady for a long time now
as we age, she looks even more beautiful

some of us hmong guys,
we just want to love our wifes
treat them right and stuff

There is nothing wrong with you. You will realize women don't mind men doing that. Women are more social than men. The only women that tends to not like what your buddies are the more moral and authoritative background. Also usually the relationship with the other girl isn't really serious relationship, so the wife is threaten. Although it is disgusting to some. As long you keep your calm and know how to choose your life you should do fine. Men want their women to make them feel like kings all the time.

Debate Central / Re: To be a Republican means to be..
« on: June 18, 2019, 10:47:54 AM »
I support Pro Choice because in the end we are all one big parasites to our momma womb. We are just lucky we survive against our sperm siblings and are righteous **** that destroy each other. Even right now. We are delusional to think we are moral righteous and progressive and environmentali st. We are by self-evidence natures greatest delusion.

I am against death penalty because I want all people behind bars to come out 50+ years later only to realize how society move on. They can't adapt nor they can't ask for euthanize.  :knuppel2:

Hmong Culture & History / Re: The Man, The Myth, The Legend
« on: June 18, 2019, 10:32:42 AM »
I like the baggy pants and turban look.

You said you have long talk but you never went specific moron. Real talk, this is not even a Hmong matter.  :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: This is a typical scenario in relationship. Marriage is just the icing.  :2funny: :2funny: :2funny:

Long story short: You like her. She like you. She has an ex that duck her in the past. He play with her. She decide to end  her relationship with him. Her ex found out. Her ex doesn't want to be a ducking loser. So he decide to married her. He is already deep in her panties. So she decide to marry him. I seen this too many times. Girls like her make terrible wives. Find some mature women that can stand on her two feet.

I remember a female friend went crazy over multiple of guys many times. Being a class act gentleman and friend. I talk shit to her to grow the duck up. She realize the truth and moved on. Those guys now beg beg and keep calling her. She decide to ignore them. And it worked. She felt bad, but I told her that relationship ain't butterfly and chocolate. BTW she is a Christian, me I am OG style.  :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny:


I believe the Hmong "northern origin" originated from Han Chinese migrating south and mixing/assimilating with the Yangtze River native, thus Hmong people begin adopting the idea of a northern origin.

You do realize that Hmong oral stated that we came from two origin Saub Ntuj* Ceeb Tsheej; which is pronoun ace as ShangDu JinCheng. And Ntais Ntuj*(you know that Hmong phrase betrayal of Rov taw tuam ntais ntuj). Dadu. Which are actually real place.

Saub Ntuj:
Ntais Ntuj:

*Please notice that Ntuj sounds like Ntuj(sky, heaven etc). But Ntuj is also mean as city. Ntuj = 天 = Tian for heaven. Ntuj = 都 = Du for city capital. You can blame our language to be not specific aspiration tone.
*We are not Mongols but the phrase do reference these places. And that is basically it.

Also the basic phrase Ua Tsaug = Thank You. Derives from Zhou = 周 (Not the Zhou Dynasty) = to be thoughtful and etc.

So to say we are not northern origin is a bit misleading. We are influence by very old Chinese language and inhabitant. This doesn't mean all of us are magically from Siberia or whatever. We only know for sure that around 1800s-1850s our ancestor just arrived in South East Asia from rebellion war.

One last note: My theory of the phrase "Rov taw tuam ntais ntuj" has nothing to do with Hmong killing Hmong(this Hmong killing Hmong is only recent by everyone). I say the phrase has to deal with the Red Turban Rebellion.

Hmong Culture & History / Re: Got my DNA back and this is what it says:
« on: August 28, 2017, 01:52:59 AM »
I will not do a dna test. Unless I know for sure they break down the east/south-east asian dna specifically. Until then I am 100% Hmong based on my parent.

Yes We Hmong can create a country in our lifetime. But not many people ask enough question. They are too busy dreaming rather doing it about it.

If you are serious about Hmong country: Here are some obvious question.

1. Will the Hmong country compatible with the Western Civilization?

2. Will the Hmong country have an effective foreign policy such as migration?

3. If Hmong establish a country how will the government run like? Corporate? Oligarch? Republic? Monarchy? Dictator?

4. If Hmong were to establish a country how will their national budget/debt runs? How much loan we need to borrow? How much job can we create so that it can pay back the debt we use to build the nation?

5. What kind of tax system Hmong country will create? What type of tax code will it be?

6. If Hmong create a tax system to collect people taxes: What kind of programs will Hmong use? No child left behind? Affirmative action? Common core? Plan parenthood.

Hmong Culture & History / Re: Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Hmong
« on: March 24, 2017, 04:17:28 PM »
Pretty much and it's scary that a lot of Hmong think this way. When I went to the We Are Hmong Minnesota Exhibit and saw 'Hmong are accredited for being the first to plant rice', I wanted to face-palm/hide my face and run out. And then I heard that the same person who curated the exhibit wanted to build a Chi You statue in Minnesota  :'(

This is what happened when your group of people chose not to create a writing language. Let's start with the basic.

1. We know for sure majority of Hmong American came from SEA.
2. Hmong came to SEA as early as 1850s.
3. Hmong most likely partake in the the 3 Miao Rebellion. According to folklore Hmong/Miao will riot 30 years and revolt every 60 years. The three Miao rebellion times were 1735-1736. 1795-1806. 1854-73. And then later 1918-1921 with Paj Cai Vwj. The last one maybe coincidental or part of a political propaganda to rebel the imperialist. In any case we can be sure we were recorded there.

From there on it gets tricky. There isn't much record about us beyond the Ming Dynasty. Other than the Miao rebellion and the Southern Great Wall incident. It can be infer that most of us Hmong are basically fracture multi-ethnic neolithic east Asian that adopted the culture that eventually becomes what we know is Hmong to day.

The only similarity we can draw from gaps of ancient China today Hmong is our custom. Based on tradition and practice we can argue our belief derives from the Shang and Zhou Dynasty practices. And if you truly believe that you are ancestor came from Siberia. lol Which I still laugh at some Hmong people really believing that. Look up at Francouis Savina. The scariest thing is Xanadu or Dadu is very similar to the myth that we came from Sauv Ntuj and the phrase "rov taw/tuam ntai ntuj." Even ceeb tsheej is JinCheng refer to the inner city wall.

Although it's very weak evidence but yeah if you check wiki and mess around with Hmong and Mandarin its very scary.

An example of messing with google translate is that 回答 = Hu Teb = To answer.

At best I'd say we might coalition with the Mongols, Jurchen at one point.

That is about all folks. Peace out.

General Discussion / Re: Bars and Club After Marriage?
« on: March 24, 2017, 02:55:10 PM »
Man!  Look what you guys done!

Always chasing the girls away...

Man... I guess you guys really do just like sausage parties.....


Yea bro! F*ck them sausage party thread. We won our ladies back!

General Discussion / Re: Bars and Club After Marriage?
« on: March 24, 2017, 02:38:20 PM »
Long story short I grew up in a pretty traditional family.
I was never allowed to go out late, sleep over at friends or relatives.  No piercings, no tattoos and crazy colored hair was out of the picture. 
So obviously growing up and reaching my early 20's I never drank, partied hard or did any substances of any sort.  Never even experienced what a club was until I was 21. 

Now from my early 20's reaching to my mid 20's I occasionally will go out with friends to the bars or clubs.

Yes I am married; I never take my ring off.  I make it clear I am married when men approach me and my Husband always knows where I am at and whom I am with.

He's doesn't drink and does not like to club and go to the bars.

One time I ran into his buddy, of course I said "Hi." 
They always ask where my Husband is and I always give the same response "He's at home, bars and clubbing is not his scene." 
Don't get me wrong I don't go out every weekend, but when I do it's always just the girls and there are a few that are indeed married.

Anyways fast forward, my Husband picked me up one night after I was out with my friends and we went out for some late night food and ran into his same buddy.  His buddy's response was "Dang, you are one loyal guy, I keep running into your wife and I don't see you ever."

Which I assume is apparently a lot when we have only ran into each other twice and both times my Husband was aware of where and when I was. 

I wanted to so badly speak my mind and say "Excuse me?  Are you saying I am un-loyal because I am seen without him? And I am sorry you apparently have never heard of something called trust."

But I bit my tongue and did not say a thing.

Was I overthinking or not?
My Husband and I have talked over this matter before and he allows me to go out and hang out with friends.  I always ask him if it bothers him that I go to the clubs or bars once in a while and he says no cause he trust me.  But I canít help but also feel bad.  I have never cheated or done anything wrong.  After a night of going out I always tell him how it went and if men approached me I tell him what happened and how I handled it.  I tell him just because we share everything.   

Was it wrong of me to be upset his friend said that?

I am just going to ignore everyone else and focus on your post. I'd say you are overthinking it. Unconsciously, you are more worried about the fact that your husband may have a wrong impression on you. If you and your husband really care for each other, than just ignore it. If you keep harboring these thoughts it can stress you out. Besides constantly trying asking us our opinion whether we approve of your emotion, will spark some of us suspicion on you. I am pretty sure you are just being honest with your feelings. No biggie, just let live.

General Discussion / Re: What is the worst thing...
« on: March 24, 2017, 11:29:30 AM »
I rarely interact with my siblings.

ToH. HAHAHA! Those guys. I haven't heard that name in such a long time.
They aren't "experts".  They are frauds and scammers.

Go to their website. Their very purpose is all about the benjamins.

I heard about them ages ago..  From what I remember they are a money hungry religion.

Their mission or the way they advertised to me was .
"Our purpose is to simplify hmong customs to save you money. "

Hung. I found the thread where we discussed this.  Enjoy shitting  on this fraud religion.

I don't care but anyone believe Temple of Hmongism who put Chi You or Miao-Man with our Hmong history is dumb. We never were those Miao or Man people. Man is Mab Suav Yis. But people are too dumb to ask their elders. Elders call San Miao as Thai Miao.

Hmong Culture & History / Re: Shamanism
« on: December 05, 2016, 01:46:56 PM »
If you are so into Ancient Hmong Shamanism just study Zhou Dynasty archives on ritual folklore and compare to it Hmong.
巫 = Wu = Vwm = Crazy/Shaman
毉 = Shi+Yi = Sis Yis = First+Shaman
寧 = Ning = Neeb = peace harmony, maybe(old Hmong usage)
Basically, Wu and Yi are use interchangably as Vwm and Yis. Neeb comes from Ning means peace and harmony.

Hmong Culture & History / Re: I found our TRUE enemy!
« on: November 12, 2016, 10:49:06 AM »

Manchu people! RACIST ****! THEY ARE THE ONES WHO CALLED MIAO! My cousin who is married to a Chinese Han person, he said that the Manchu forced his people to kill the Hmong people, EVEN THEY DON'T WANT TO! I believe it's time to put the blame on Northern East China is because they are the ones who kill our people! They killed us more than the Mandarin...

You are totally wrong. Manchu for the most part are similar to Hmong in culture so I doubt they were the enemy. As for Chinese, I say they pretty omitted us in their history. The Miao/Hmong thing was a recent develop during the rise of Mao Zedong. Although its true we were label as Miao during the late Ming and Qing dynasty, but the Miao is so generic it could be anyone. Just like Qing official has a hard time to find rebel, because they look like typical civilians. And for the record we are not the descendant of Chi You or any Nanman. But feel free to believe so.

Heck look a Manchu and Mongol Shamanism, and tell me they are not similar to us Hmong Shamanism.

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