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Supremacists have nothing to do with you?  ??? Why bring up "white and  their supremacy" in the first place since you're trying to defend them.

What's so special about them? If they're so good to you why didn't you go to their site or online group instead PebHmong so you can share your whiny stories about minorities hate them so much. LMAO 

You can reply back and be butt-hurt all you want. :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny:
in no way am i defending white supremacists, however, I am defending white people who are not.  and you know for a FACT that not ALL white people are bad (given your ONE example).  if you look at my initial statement, you fit right in with "every minority" who thinks whites are supremacists.

i don't get "butt-hurt" over a good conversation/debate and etc...i think butt-hurt is you contracting TDS from theking!  his butt is always hurting! ha!

General Discussion / Re: Whats happening in hong kong
« on: August 21, 2019, 10:26:28 AM »
Maybe Trump can buy HongKong from China.  Show them Danes how its done. ;D
LOL, there are 30+ more richer chinese men than trump and they couldn't even buy hong kong!

Im sure they are wishing they are still under brittish rule.
with more freedom and human rights, any citizen would prefer to be ruled in a more civilized and modern government.  china is imposing too much power on hong kong, i hope the protesters win their case but i think they will eventually succumb to the china's rule.

General Discussion / Re: Trevor Noah is very entertaining..
« on: August 21, 2019, 08:25:41 AM »
trevor noah is just another don lemon!   both spewing fake news, hate rhetoric, false narratives...a nd get this!  they represent a special class group...light brown gaya$$ n!ggas, just like juicy smollete! not hating, just speaking the truth! ha!

Seem like you have white fever for Supremacists and their D**k. No need to conceal your head in the rabbit hole. You're predictable as theking. Wait! You're him and have the same repetitive robotic language. defending my stance on white folks does not mean i favor them nor their private parts (except for women, of course  ;)).  to call me a hypocrite by bringing up one case (Martunovich) to represent all white folks and with me, simply providing a different perspective (lack of self defense due to restrictions) got you all delusional.  i am sure you heard of the phrase, if smell fart, it's because you laid it ("yog koj hnov paus tsw, koj yog tus tso") having white fetish for supremacists and their d!ck, has nothing to do with called it!   

oh..and btw, theking and i are two totally different people...he has TDS, i don't. sounds like theking already got you infected with it! ha!

If they killed the home owner than I can see it that they deserved the murder charges. But just because they try to rob the home owner but got one of their friend killed and now they'd to serve time for murder is utterly ridiculous still. What a waste of tax payer money and no, it does not deter people from burglary. If anything, it encourages burglars going guns blazing!
it's quite common one is to blame except for his accomplices... had they not invite him on a felony scheme, he would still be alive.  granted he might have gone on his own accord, another example:  if your son went on a crime spree and he got killed, you don't blame the homeowner nor the police, you blame his friends!

if you think it's an encouragement, i would say think again.  if you don't get shot, you get charged for the murder of your friend (it's like double jeopardy).  and to argue about taxpayers's money...i would say, all these criminals should have gotten shot and would save tax payers a whole lot more money and make our communities safer! ha!

our greatest enemy is within the country we live in.  until america starts hating on the hmong, there will not need be a person designated to represent the hmong.  culturally, we should look to our immediate elders...colle ctively, we should recognize those in respective positions such as senators, judges and reputable lawyers.  also, if our 18 clanmen could establish a transparent organization that helps the hmong in dealing with community services, elderly services, assist in the violation of rights and more importantly, eliminate distrust of hmong groups, then they could perceived to be representative s of the hmong.  we don't need a hmong d!cktator! ha!

Es koj tsis yog minority zoo li lawv los. Ha! Hypocrite tas mas

Haven't you read this news report.
Whites have the highest crimes in history since they think they're so righteous yet evil underneath the skin like wolves in sheep clothing.

District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said Martunovich, who is white, was arraigned Friday on a 21-count indictment, which included charges of first-degree murder and second-degree murder as a hate crime.

“This was a violent, horrific and harrowing attack on three completely innocent, hardworking men who were targeted simply because they were Asian,” Gonzalez said in a statement.

Shortly after the attack, police found Martunovich two blocks away from the restaurant. According to police, he told officers that his attack was motivated by a movie he watched in which Asian men mistreated Asian women. :idiot2: :idiot2:  :2funny: :2funny:

If he's that heroic why didn't he go back to his own country and save his female counterpart?

Like I said, righteous yet evil underneath like wolves in sheep clothing
i am a minority, i don't think every white man is white supremacist, however, i do believe ALL white men have yellow fever! ha!

i blame is horrific incident on the city/state for having strict gun laws, which prevented the owner and patrons the right to defend themselves.  if kung fu didn't help them, definitely, gun fu would have.

ikr, those stupid minorities! Someone gotta tell them, only White Trump supporters are.
so who would you call a minority who support trump? 

theking! TDS! ha!

just like every minorities think white people are white supremacist! ha!

I don't see how that justifies charging the teens with murder. There's something wrong with this judgment.
it's one of those felony-murder laws.  perpetrator(s) can be charged for the death of their accomplice(s) in the act of a felonious crime.

same concept as if all the teen would have been charged with murder had they killed the homeowner. 

the ruling would be correct, they got they homie dead! ha!

General Discussion / Re: Black guy shot a bunch of cops in Philidelphia.
« on: August 15, 2019, 01:28:58 PM »
it's a democratic city...we already know everybody is crazy brotherly love! ha!

2 years of decent performance does not entitle him a salary capping contract.  $30mil is a generous offer by the cowboys, no realistic QB would have turned that down especially being in the NFL for only 2 seasons.  the cowboys have always been a winning team before Dak...aside from that they have some of the best players around both offensively and defensively.

General Relationship / Re: More than just a friend?
« on: August 15, 2019, 08:46:44 AM »
become friends with will eventually lead into something else (hopefully, a real relationship). ha!

it was an accident! she should have been wear safety goggles too, since she was wearing a mask!

as a leader of the free world...trump is right to advise the chinese people to "stay calm and safe".  his attention to the situation itself, should be a sign to the government not to act hasty...every country around the world is looking at them (the chinese government), they would be met with harsh criticism, if they should use the army to curtail the peaceful protests.  nobody wants another tiananmen square.

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